I think I may have found a non-job-related website mistake.


On Lich’s page and for his listing in FFT, it has ‘ATK:???’ as a link to mail to the webmaster the name of his summon’s attack, as apparently you’re looking for someone to let you know. Well, in FFT, whenever you summon something, either the summoners will call forth their chosen beast with an often mistranslated little line and then the attack will commence or a box will pop up toward the top of the screen stating the name of the summon, then it will show up.

Either way, they don’t actually have attack names in FFT, near as I can recall. If someone wants to call me on this, please do, as it’s been a few months since I’ve played the game. But I’m pretty damn sure about this, so… if I’m correct in assuming the webmaster’s looking for an attack name for Lich (or any other FFT summons for that matter) I figure it’s probably worth mentioning he/she won’t find one. :hahaha;

Yep, you’re right.

Alright, cool.

Fixed, two points for Jeff Zero.