I think I have imaginary friends...

I don’t see people or anything, and I never had any as a smaller kid. When I am alone, I often just talk to other people inside my head. They are people I know in real life, I control what they say (I stay in character), and they have their real life voices. I refer to this group as The Counsel. Only people I feel are friends are on The Counsel, and once you are on, you don’t get off.

It isn’t just a bunch of random conversation either. I can consult The Counsel for advice, moral support, or even just to figure out where I left my pencil.

This has been going on since about 6th grade, I am a junior in HS now.

Is this bad? Am I losing it? They say that you won’t realize that you are going insane, which is why I am not really concerned about it. I have plenty of real friends that I am willing to spend time with.

Anyhoo, Sinistral, you might want to know that for some reason you are on The Counsel; I don’t know why.

God that must suck to never get off.

I knew that would come up.

Seek professional help.

I call bullshit.

Wait, this isn’t normal? But yes, since Sinistral is on there, you probably should do as he says, and seek professional help, if only because it’d get awkward when pretend Sinistral tries to kill the other Counsellors.

You’re not crazy, you’re just an idiot.

The great composer Schumann had a similar retinue. Saints supposedly heard God and angels speak to them. Delusional it might be, but I wouldn’t worry unless this “counsel” started urging violence. Irrational beliefs and behaviors often have corrective psychological effects. Sometimes trying to fix irrational “problems” causes more harm than the “problems” ever would have caused.


I tend to do something sort of similar, imagining reactions of other people I know and such to situations or to movies I’m watching, etc. I don’t think it’s that strange, as long as you’re aware it’s just in your head, haha.

I had no “imaginary friends” but I did have such an active imagination, I would spend hours just playing by myself (mostly “making” movies or shows in my mind). They actually took me to a psychologist over this. (Well actually my sister was afraid I was trying to escape reality after my parents’ deaths; that wasn’t the case, but I can see why she was worried.)

What you’re experiencing is called thinking. It’s a good thing. Some people describe it differently than others, but I would call having conversations in your head thinking, along with any other activity you do inside your head.

How seriously do you take it?