I think a Mega Man 9 would be cool.

The Repliforce is just cannon fodder, since they are all dead by the end of the game. As long as the topic is on though, can we argue on how absurd and idiotic is the reason for why you are fighting them?

Bass’ dog is Treble. Protoman never changed his name. You need to stop going this manga and start going byt the games. Using the manga is like using the Mega Man cartoon as a source for the story, which it definitely isn’t.

Well, yes…you CAN play ANY Megaman game & not even begin to care about the story.

But story is what makes you CARE.

I also call is Rockman & Forte becuase I was exposed to the Jap game before the GBA port. Although I can’t compare it to Dragon Warrior because I HATE Dragon Warrior.

But I think that all the theories of the X games will be answered when X9 comes out…cause that should be the end of the series & then they’ll just port MMZero to PS2 or soemthing to continue the games.

I can’t picture a world without Megaman.

I was exposed to Rockman and Forte too, but it’s out in America now.

Also, this is something I sort of thought of as to why it is a little bit more proper to call Mega Man and Bass by its actual name and not refer to it or consider it Mega Man 9. Resident EviL: Code Veronica follows all of what Hiryuu said and meets each standard for why Mega Man and bass could be called Mega Man 9, however, it is clearly not Resident Evil 4, it is Code Veronica. The same thing happens with Mega Man and Bass.

Well yea…that makes sense when there a RE 4 already out…but people would call RE: Veronica RE 4 if RE 4 never had come out in the first place.

No, in the Japanese, I’m pretty sure the dog was classical or Gospel, and Protoman/Blues did indeed change his name in the manga, whether you consider it a valid source or not, I do, so long as it never contradicts the games (which it doesn’t, it actually explains a few things).

Check the site I gave you for the name differences. As for the rest of your post, whatever. If you want to count the manga as part of the story, go ahead, just don’t talk about it as the story with us, you’ll just confuse people. I’m pretty the rest of the people here just look at the games.


I looked, it’s Gospel, thanks. As for the manga, I thought that was in the games. Then it wasn’t, sorry.