I surely hope this is a joke.

What the fuck are people thinking?

There was Hotmail, which was maximum of 250mb storage. Then G-mail, which was 2gb. Now YB-mail?! 1 complete YB of e-mail storage? The site says that they previously ran a 2gb and 1tb e-mail services, and customer complaints said it was too small?!

FYI, 1YB = 11,258,999,100,000,000 GB

Wow, this looks legit.


Its the co-domain of http://www.colin-uk.com/blog/ if you bothered to check the whois. This “colinuk” guy even whores it out in a few of his entries. Its clearly fake, and its probably just nothing more than a webaccess for the free email he got with the domain registration.

Furthermore, the “support” page is just copy pasted from the features list of his Verio hosting, and none of the scripts he uses to login/send login info even exist on his server (try wgetting login.php)

We will add more features as we think of them (if were not too busy playing BF2). Also if you have any suggestions you think would be useful to our users then please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

Answer your question?

Sorry, April Fool’s is over. Everything’s real and serious again.

Actually, Hotmail was nowhere NEAR 250 MB until Gmail came around. Hotmail was AT MOST 10 MB then. Gmail premiered at 1GB, and only grew to 2 GB when other sites tried to catch it (at the same time that they bumped it to 2GB, they added the “eternally growing mailbox” feature).

Yep, they’re up to 2.7+ GB now

Why would you hope that was a joke? I mean, of course any sensable person would realize it was, but think of the ridiculous amount of stuff you could store. Srsly.

How funny. He he he.

Indeed. it would be pretty cool. :smiley:

…and all gone with one server crash/ hacker attack. :frowning:

Yes, yes it is. It’s more storage than the earth can handle, it would boil the oceans!