I started a....thing!

Hey Kor, I’M supposed to be the one making the crappy jokes. =P

It’s like having your 10-year-old younger sibling hanging around you and your friends. While it may not be a bad thing, it’s still annoying.

Not that you’re annoying , Kiro, that’s how it is in general.

Well, that’s cool, until you remember there are people here old enough to be feeling the same way about us. :slight_smile:

It already was another ToB- why do you think it burns me, and anyone else with a brain to go there? :stuck_out_tongue:


Touche, Xwing, touche.

Yeah. That’s uh… absolutely great. …

Holy shit! A 10 year old that can successfully find the shift key, period key and the apostrophe key! I am thoroughly impressed! Most internet users twice that age haven’t mastered that.

I used to play Lost Frog at primary school when I was ten… we didn’t have no newfangled internet back there.

And yeah, lie about your age, pretend you’re 8.

Twisted Sister rules… their Live show just kicks ass

I’m not gonna take it, NO! i’m not gonna take it! fuck you!

GO Charle!


Charle, I really [STRIKE]did[/STRIKE] didn’t mean it. I was only making a general comment about how people are respected according to how they act. I could have gone on to mention that you (unlike most fucktards who are as obnoxious as you) have the capacity to be clever and entertaining in your gross irreverence of everything. Instead I decided to cut it short and let you think I was just insulting you. I [STRIKE]was[/STRIKE] wasn’t.

Jeez people I am starting to get very confused!What just happened here?You like taunting a child like that?Well the same thing happened to me still doesjust let the yonger kids be we can’t fit as much junk in our brains.

I can, it just depends on how smart a person is.

AT 10 I was programming Basic, only probem was that I got several Errors Like Incorrect Comand. that is the Reason Why I hate GW basic.

Big Nutter
QBasic On Your Windows 98 CD. Honest, In OLDMSDOS.

uuuhhhhh, fuck you? maybe?

I’ll fuck Delita any day. :3

… Okay, is it just me, or is the board getting more and more sexually explicit by the minute? >_>

i wouldn’t say i haven’t mastered it, i’m just too phuckin lazy.

And that’s supposed to be an argument in your favor?

Hey, at least I’m being honest. And quite frankly, it could be worse, because I have seen internet users who are too lazy to use the shift key instead of not using it, opt to keep the caps locked instead (which makes an internet user look very unintelligent as well as hostile).