I started a....thing!

Ever since I joined people who are around my age keep coming. :slight_smile: I rock! :victoly: :victoly: :victoly:…Well it’s true.

Actually Twisted Sister rocks. and rolls. all over your face.

No, I rock!

just came by to say


Maybe THEY rock and you just suck for being the first.

Ok, I don’t rock, but I don’t suck either.

Kiro, no offens,e but announcing that you might possibly be the source of a lot of prepubescent members is not a smart idea.

Kiro you should just do what everyone else does. Lie about their age.


But, everyone already know my age, and I’m to lazy to start another account.

So you announced that you’re responsible for a lot of members who spam, triple post, and turn the Free RP forum into another ToB. No, you don’t rock.

EDIT: You can’t create another account anyway, it makes the mods unhappy.

It’s not my fault if other people my age have bad literary skills, and like to be n00bish.

Twisted Sister!!! \m/

i know a few people who aren’t n00bish but h0nkish

Because this thread is the anti-noob.

Could always just change your name and lie about your age. People might not notice.

Blasphemy! Now shine my sneakers, plague spreader. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Couldn’t resist)

Yeah, I’m not sure what people have against ten year-olds. Most people started going online at a similar age, and at the time they probably couldn’t spell the word “literary”, let alone use it in a sentence.

Who knows? Maybe she’s already lying about her age. But:

Omega makes <del>baby</del> 10-year-old Jesus cry :frowning:

(Yeah, I couldn’t make a joke to save my life, so what >.>)

Wow Kor, that was like a car accident, not funny, but so awful its great.

As for opening the gates a Gehenna like that, Kiro, I thought that the faint glimmer of hope was the last thing to escape the gift-box, not the vanguard. And as for lying about your age and people knowing or not knowing, I lie blatantly aobut my age. My real birthdate is listed next to my so called ‘age.’ People don’t care how old you are, people care how old you act coughCharlecough.

And just in case the twisted sister one passed you by, we are talking about a truly amazing 80s band.