I spent the day with VickiMints

I am posting in this thread about my ennui

Someone pit dis shit!

We never get interactive thingamajiggers at our faires. :confused:

I don’t want to hear about how you and your friends who you hate went to a bar you hated full of [STRIKE]women dressed to go out[/STRIKE] whores, opting to drink a popular beer which it turned out you hated while talking about how you hated the music they were playing instead of trying to meet anyone, since you knew you would hate them all anyway.

I love how good you are at twisting summaries of old threads to the point that they don’t resemble anything that anyone ever in reality actually said, whatsoever :slight_smile:

If you weren’t so conspicuously goofy, I guess I might be mad or something.

I’m twisting the words of some pretty new threads, too, you crotchety old cynic!

You didn’t get pissed when the thread about Gila and I hanging out was posted.

Yeah, but you don’t have a boner for him like 984 has for Vicki. It’s obvious he’s just trying to brag even though probably no one cares :stuck_out_tongue: And Gila rocks :stuck_out_tongue:

Hm. You’re correct. I don’t have a boner for him, and he rocks. Your argument is very persuasive.

I’VE NEVER READ SO MUCH TRUTH BEFORE! I will never wash my eyes again in order to cherish this moment.

What clued you in on the bragging? Was it the “And you did not?” Was it saying everyone is obsessed with her? Was it the :smug:? Really, clue me in on how you came to such a random conclusion with no basis in fact.

P.S. I don’t have a boner for her. It’s quite possible for people of the opposite sex to hang out without there being sexual underpinnings.

P.S.S. Vicki rocks more than Gila. No offense, Gila. You still rock. Just not as hard.

…And I get to live with Trilly 24/7


…it’s true. nods

You’re one 1337 poster.

Fun fact: I am alone! :bowser:

I LOVE living on my own, even though it gets a little lonely sometimes. Also, I LOVE Alyx’s Whack-A-Kitty video! So cute! :smiley: