I SO thought this was about WoW at first...

Short-story time.

I’m working in the music computer lab and talking with a friend of mine about Whorecraft. I’m thinking of rolling a Druid for a new class and was discussing the pro’s and con’s of it.

So I hop on the internets, look at thottbot, allakazam, sites like that, for general information… still not enough. So I type on google “why be a druid”, and found a site on a board where a guy was asking how to get started on being a druid.



What gets me is that this guy goes to my school. I’m SO Facebooking his name when I get home.

The real dilema, though, is should I…

a) Invite him to my guild
b) Spare him 100 gold to start off with
c) Link him to some decent druid-builds
d) Tell him “Shammies are better”
e) Tell him “when you die, nothing happens.”
f) Put it in.

Hmm…when you die, nothing happens. (Yes?) lol

I dunno. Give him a good build to go off of.

How about you do none of those things? I know some druids. They aren’t bad people. It’s no more bizarre a set of religious beliefs than some of the other ones.

Druids were facking amazing at level 70 but so far at 80 they aren’t anything spectacular. Pretty much every class two shots any other class right now though so PvP isn’t really settled in yet.

I always found Druids interesting but never played one because (back when I played D&D second edition, anyway) they could only be True Neutral. What, you can’t love nature AND Mankind? (Or hate them, for that matter?)

You can love mankind as well as nature (as man is part of nature), but you’d love ALL mankind, even the aspects that “seem” evil. The whole true neutral “maintain the balance” thing is silly anyway, because most druids were actually neutral good in practice.

Now, they allow any neutral (NG, LN, N, CN, and NE), which makes a lot more sense.

This is, of course, assuming that you’re still playing by the 3.5 rules since Druids got annexed out of D&D along with Barbarians, Bards, Monks, Sorcerers, and so on (not certain if Hunters took it in the pants and I can’t think of any other classes) for 4.0.

Hunters? You mean Rangers? They’re in 4th ed.

I don’t count 4th ed, though. It’s trying to WoWify D&D.

Warlocks <3

That reminds me of something stupid one of my friends said to a woman. “You must be a warlock, because you cursed my constitution.”


“Uh, what I mean is I feel weak.”

“Maybe you should eat something.” She walks away.

Was he trying to hit on her?


Sounds more like he was trying to not ever have sex ever

And they axed gnomes from the races. My friend was sad. I was happy with the addition of tiefling ^^

I’m not a doc, but less WoW and more meeting women seems like a good prescription.

No, he was playing too much D&D. Same prescription, though.

I have always associated warlocks with being essentially male witches. Why would he call a woman a male witch?

Warlocks in the context of 4th edition can be male or female. They specialize in curses and a bunch of other bullshit. I don’t like spellcasters that much. Rogues all the way!