I so happy

Ok, here was my situation. Last term I failed Math 200, a required course in my program. This semester I got the chance to retake it, with the stipulation that if I failed again I’d be out of the program for a year, minimum. (Standard procedure)

Anyway on April 5 I had the Math 200 final. And it was really really hard. I was so sure I had failed it after I left. (Course stipulation: If you pass the final, you will pass the course, even if you have a failing percentage; if you fail the final, you will fail the course, even if you have a passing percentage) So ever since then I’ve been a total nervous wreck, worried about where I’m going to be next year, where I’ll be living, whether I’ll need to get a job, and stuff like this.

Then today I finally (10 days later) got the Math 200 mark back. I braced myself when I got it, I was so worried to see the fail. But, it was a B minus. It’s not pretty, and I know I could have done better, but I was jumping for joy at that. I was totally worried about not being able to see my friends again, and not having a place to live, and such, but now all the worries are gone, since I can continue attending the university.

And, I know no one here really cares, but I needed to share the story anyway.

Nah. We care. And that sounds like it kicked ass, Sohee. Glad you passed.

I’m glad you’re doing better in school. I was worried, too.

YAY!! I like math at times, not the complicated stuff, just Algebra. I’m glad you passes, I would have been stressed out to.

We really didn’t want you to fail, we realy cared about if you failed beacuse we really would have gone crazy.

What is Math 200 about?

throws confetti over Sohee Math is just evil. >_>

I HEARTILLY second that, Jing. Math is a tool of TEH DEV0L!!!11 :eek:

I faild maths. But then, I suck. You, obviously, do not. Congrats. ^^

Good job!

…that’s all I’m going to say…

Awesome! I can understand how you feel: I’m in a similar situation with bio, not quite the same, but similar.

Guess you didn’t get run down by Koreans for nothing.

Hee, thanks for caring peoples. :kissy:


hugs Alice


Math 200’s name is Calculus of Several Variables, which deals with vectors and planes in space, velocity and accel… gives up and copy and pastes from calendar
Vectors and vector functions; solid analytic geometry; partial differentiation; directional derivatives and the gradient vector; Lagrange multipliers; multiple integration with applications; cylindrical and spherical coordinates; surface area; line integrals; Green’s Theorem. The section of this course for engineering students will also cover the following topics: surface integrals and the divergence theorem.

Good show, and yeah a B is good, the stress of having to worry about that kinda stuff is brutal.


Hopefully you’ve got a chance to relax for a while.

Oh come now! You know you need some knowledge of mathematics to play RPGs!

Great job Sohee! I hated the math classes I had to take in college (College Algebra and Business Calculus [basically a pre-Calc class]). You’re a lot braver than me. What is you major?

I personally love math, but I STILL can’t get even basic comprehwension of calculus. Maybe it’s time I finally start using a damned calculator…

Nice work.

I quit math and switched to social sciences. Social sciences ruled.

Oh. Cool. :stuck_out_tongue: I had a similar course on my third semester, I think.