I skipped out the question threads

But hey, even I jump in bandwagons every now and then. Flame/opinion away, and I won’t even reply, just read.

You pwn me at SSB:M. You also eat butterflies.

And I do believe these threads are stupid, which is why I point out relatively obscure and unuseful tidbits of information that nobody wanted to know.

I could be serious, but I believe other people would do that better than me.

I think that your honesty, willingness to act, and realism are very refreshing.

You’re a cool guy, too, Z.

In fact, here’s a look at a fanpic I drew of ya when I was bored & couldn’t fall asleep.

<a href=“http://sephy.nulani.net/images/ZFanPic.png”>Take a lookie</a>

You’re intelligent, opiniated, and I’ve never seen you back down from an argument or fight. What’s more, you handle the stupidity that is being in a position of power and control fairly well. True, it took me awhile to endear myself to those qualities, but now I know you’re a better person than most.

Uriel: It’s broken, and how do you DRAW a fanfic?

VE: It’s fixed, & I’m an idiot who can’t spell.

Of course you are, but we’re talking about Zero here.

I’d offer criticism on that pic, but peiople would probably take that as insulting your work when you wanted praise instead.

I wouldn’t really care, I suck at drawing, & I know it…

But at least I’m trying to get better. & I know for a fact that my anime-ish drawing style is original.

Dangit Zero, this could have been an isolated incident but noooooo you had to go ahead and continue these ego trip threads. I loved you like a brother until you made this thread. Now I just think of you like a brother in law.

For shame

CH, you’re selling out! What happened to our ideals, man, WHAT HAPPENED!?

And Zero’s body color is red, and white, with a blue crystal. And a laser sword.

Resistance is futile. You will all be assimilated.

Hmmm… I feel I can respond to this, since I actually know you a little.

I find you to be a weird combination of strict and fun-loving, being strict while still having fun…

I like you, from what I know and seen of you… of course, I could be wrong about that. smirk.

Yer a cool dude, Z, we’re hoomies ya know. Plus, I’m the general of your evil army, it doesn’t get better than that :o

And Uriel: You have an interesting style at least, and that’s an honest opinion.

Your cool, any time I talk to you, it’s usually ridden with coolness.

Honestly, you seem like a pretty decent guy with just a hint of an evil streak.

It’s amazing how well you can pull that off. :slight_smile:

you should know what I think of you by now.

You’re a chibi, and you eat butterflies: Five out of five starts. Keep it up.

Seriously. I have no idea: You seem like a nice enough guy. Responsible, intelligent, and so on. The most foolish thing I recall you doing was becoming a copycat and making this thread.

You can get a tad arrogant at times, but you’re honest enough, and you tend to stay levelheaded, cold and calculative, almost to the point of alaska.

I think you’re one of those stoic, responsible and mature people who put up an impassionate frontier but secretly giggle when people compliment them.