I sketch, you sketch...


Nuff’ said. Mayhap we shall create our own room? Already did myself, meet at RPGC

Im still rather new to it myself.

I wanna play… :cool:
Anyone else going to play…??

As I said I already got a room up. Its getting lonely here.

Edit: Nevermind. I’ll try again tommorrow, when peoploe arent partying because of the Red Sox

iSketch was pretty big with the chat for about two weeks last summer. Since then, not really.

It’s meh. The categories have too few words, so it gets boring fairly quickly.

iSketch fucking rocks. It’s one of the few internet games I enjoy enough to actually like playing with strangers. And the good thing about iSketch is that you can actually understand what the other players are saying when they type, unlike other games, like Gunbound.

Yeah, it’s too bad nobody likes to play it anymore. But RPGCers are an incredibly fickle bunch…

i liked gun bound, but way too many stupidasses there though. im starting to play isketch now, actually…its ok

Not bad. :slight_smile: Does kind of remind me of the draw feature on Yahoo! IM a bit, though

Anyone playing this today?

What are you aliases?

Mine’s Error-404