I see dead people...

I thought space-time was one thing/dimension.

Ok, I clearly didn’t write my argument out right, but er…for the whole bodily wastes thing, exactly 21g, for everyone. Not bloody likely. Possible, just not likely. Anyway energy has mass, because without mass it is impossible to do anything. A thing contains energy i.e. the ability to do things, so what happens to the energy when the thing loses the ability to do things.

Fire and light are both forms of energy, and neither have any mass or weight. All forms of energy follow the same basic rules of thermodynamics (if I remember right), and while it’s not a rule, you could extrapolate that no form of energy has mass or weight.

Fire isn’t energy, heat is. And we don’t know if they have weight, it might just be too small for us to measure.

Fire is energy, Darkness. Fire is a gathering of heat and light.

Heat = energy
Light = energy too

As such, you can’t measure the weight of fire, the same way you can’t measure the weight of, say, a 110 Vac current.

And no, energy does not have mass. It is the other way around, okay? Sure, one may become the other, but energy is not measured in grams for God’s sake.

I read about the 21 grams hypothesis. It is a fraud, man. Some people here in Brazil and in other countries did the same experiment. I can’t find a reference in the internet, but the experiments proved that 21 grams idea wrong.

As for the multi-dimensional body I talked about. It gets out of science now, and into religious aspects. I was taught that there are 10 dimensions, and that a human being has “existance” in all but two of them. They are not heaven and hell, they are simply a space where only more evolved spirits can get into. Only one being is fully 10-dimensional. It is a conscience that we see as God or Goddess, as you prefer. The very multiverse is its body.

I see living people