I saw this and thought it was funny.


Why is it funny? I’m afraid i cant read japanese.

Just the whole concept of it. But then again I do have a lame sense of humor.

I see no concept, all i see is a black rectangle, a 3, dead karl, and japanese writing i dont understand, i see no relationships other than black and dead karl, this might just be me though.

It’s an animated GIF file, you either didn’t let it load and play through, or your browser doesn’t support them.

I’m guessing it’s the first one, because it doesn’t play until it loads, and its size is FRICKIN 1.4 MEG.

Ha, the crazy police in Japan.

:mwahaha: I loved that, thanks Admiral Nagumo.

for some reason that wasn’t amusing in the least bit.

weird, it was just a black square earlier, now it loaded and played in 5 seconds. Now i see what’s funny.


Heheh. Not bad.

Now I have a lot less respect for the intelligence of many of the other posters.

I’m going to find the IQ points I lost from watching this.

It’s Chinese, not Japanese.

It’s not suppose to make sence. Me no lose IQ points Sandstorm frome watching this-this-this.

The thing is, this is why the Tower of Babel was executed. It’s nonsenical and nonfunny.

Oh well can’t blame someone for tring. I, at least, feel I don’t make that many jokes so when I do they are a little more than lame. But it’s no use for me or for anyone else, as they say, cry over spilled milk.

Meh, sorry about being so harsh. All I could think of was how pissed off that movie made me, for some reason. Unno why. It jsut pissed me off.

Quoteing my favorite Star Ocean Character: “Things like this happen.” It pissed you off though wow…I mean I thought at the very least someone would say “What was that?”, not comment, and/or something to that degree.

May I go out on a limb and guess Claude?!

Dias Flac if I recall correctly. (I haven’t played the game in so long but I think I remember things well enough.)