I saved a life today

I went into a snack store and I saw an old woman, acquaintance of mine, mother of my friend, seating on a chair. She was sweating and had an expression of someone who’s seen a ghost. People around her were freaking out and didn’t know what to do. They thought she was having a cardiacal arrest or that internal bleeding on the brain stuff.

When she saw me, she started coming back to herself. I took her arm and felt her heart beating rate and blood pressure, both of them were really high. I then told people around us she only had her pressure somewhat altered. Hearing this, everybody settled down. My friend’s mother got calm when I said that. I think if I hadn’t said it she wouldn’t have calmed down and then wouldn’t withstand the way her heart was working.

I then proceeded to giving orders (the situation was very serious by the time, but thinking back now I liked this ordering part). I got a lady to bring the old woman some water and a guy improvised a fan (the ventilation at the place was really horrible). When she could get up, we took her outside, where there was a refreshing breeze, and I stayed by her side feeling her heart rate from her arm 'till she could speak again.

I then asked a few questions. I discovered she had that pressure peak due to a conjunction of factors: being hypertense, skipping medication, eating salty food the last few days, plus the poor ventilation and heat at the snack store. I talked to her and she promised me she wouldn’t skip her medicine and would avoid unhealthy food from now on.

It happened about an hour ago and she seems OK up to now. And the store owner, who is a friend of hers, even gave me some free snacks for what I did. I’m still worried about her, though.

i’m sure she’ll be alright. and it’s glad to know we have some honorable, heroic people here!

Wow Ren, a lot of people wouldn’t know how to reacte in a situation like that as quickly and perfectly as you did (from what you describe, many didn’t). That’s very gracious of you, I’m sure the woman appreciated the effort you took to help her, you don’t see a lot of that nowadays.You’re a true gentleman!

I like being praised, but still, I think everybody should learn some basic first aid techniques at school. Its obligatory only in some places.

I never learned these things having classes, I actually learned a lot of stuff spending some time with some of my teachers who are doctors. When I become a doctor myself I’ll be working in the ER a lot.

Originally posted by Ren
I like being praised, but still, I think everybody should learn some basic first aid techniques at school. Its obligatory only in some places.

i guess i’ll learn these in a month or two, when i start high school. health classes are required there…

This is really good. I once saw in TV an actor who would pretend having a heart arrest on a sidewalk in Rio de Janeiro. He did it many times in random places, and a hidden camera somewhere nearby would get the action around him. In some 40 times he did that, only once people helped him properly.

Whoa, you wanna be a doctor Ren?I’ve always considered being a vet…although I can’t handle the stress of having some person’s/animal’s life in my hands…to be someone who could truley help people is quite a goal, especially aspiring to become a doctor.You seem like the perfect choice for it:D

when you do become a doctor, ren, i know you’ll save many more lives…


It’s a fact that most people are unable to remain calm in situations like that, and instead of doing anything constructive, will run around around in circles.

i must admit, i would not know what to do in such a situation…

For once, an RPGCer lives up to his Hero Complex! This is a great day!

I refer you to a Jewish proverb, which you may know from being used as a tagline for Schindler’s List; “He who has saved one life has saved the world.” Good work.

Nice job Ren.

Superb Ren. Not that many people (wait, has this been said already? oh well) would know how to react in that kinda of situation because they get super worried, but its always good to stay calm and cool. Excellent Ren, and congrats on your first aid skills and being able to save her.

Nice job, Ren. :cool:

Good show, Ren.

Wow! F**kin’ A Amazing, Ren!

I hope the woman gets better, though…

You go, Ren! Great job :slight_smile:

a old India saying, means saving a life is better than do any kind of religion things(my poor translation)…

Thanks everybody, I love being praised ^^ :smiley:

I talked to her today before I came to school, she’s still OK. She also took her medicine so I figure she’s even better than yesterday.