I really should think before I open my gob

As you are all probably blissfully unaware, it is my 21st birthday in about six weeks time. Today, I got a phone call from my brother, asking what I wanted. I was playing with an elastic band at the time, and before my brain could mull anything over, I blurt out: “I’d like to do a bungee jump”.

Well, looks like I’ll be dangling at the end of a gigantic elastic band come the middle of march… :thud: :mwahaha:

Has anyone ever done one before? I’d kinda like to know what to expect.

I’ve done something similar once. It was this little thing where they harness you with 2 other people, and raise the harness up really high, then drop you down. You swing back and forth really fast and really high up, before you run out of momentum. That’s pretty close to bungee jumping.

All I can say is the initial drop is the scariest part, because it’s the fastest and it comes so sudden. After that, it’s just good fun! I think you’ll love it.

Well, at this theme park (cant remember which) I was harnessed up and jumped of a fifty foot tower. It kicks ass, it is really scary, but it’s really fun too. But make sure that you are completely safe, bungee jumping can be some dangerous shit.

I was going to do it, but i wussed out.

Did it on a dare at a Theme Park once. Friend of mine thought to torment me with my somewhat fear of heights (Which is actually why I love Roller Coasters so much), and did the stupidest thign you could ever do with me: Make a bet. I had to go ride it, and he paid for it and then gave me another $35 for actually doing it. Never underestimate the power of the stupid bet.

Anyway, I thoguth ti was actually rather scary (I came within ten of hitting the ground), but rather enjoyable.

At Six Flags Over Georgia, there’s a ride called the Dare Devil Drop. You get put in a harness and risen 200 or so feet in the air. Pull a cord and you swing. One of the most exhilirating things I’ve ever expierenced.

As long as your buddy does not scissors your cord while you’re in the air…

Neb… You’re turning 21 in six weeks of time…? … I thought you were older than me. :thud:

Just don’t eat anything before you jump. The people that I know who’ve done a bungee jump say it’s something everyone should do at least once, apparently you get a real buzz from it. Hope you have fun!

Well in light of the fact you will be 21, get a bottle of jack and down it. That way you will have Swiss courage or something.

Originally posted by Amerycinsycho
Well in light of the fact you will be 21, get a bottle of jack and down it. That way you will have Swiss courage or something.

He’s in Britain. I’m pretty sure he can already drink.

Empty your holding tank before jumping.

I have one bit of advice for ya mate. Before ya jump make sure the cord is the right length.

There is nothing more painful, then jumping off a 50 foot tower, with a 51 foot bungee cord.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy it… no wait, there is a small chance you may enjoy it yet.

Free falling!
Just sad it ends with you almost getting your legs ripped off.

So… is the jerk from the elastic really that bad? I have had lower back trouble in the past but nothing too serious, just a pulled muscle here and there.

And VE, that’s a great idea, I can fleece a few of my mates for more birthday money that way! :mwahaha: