I really HATE HATE HATE HATE my phone company.

I don’t know how you guys call it but I’ve got that deal with the phone company where you pay a fixed amount per month (45 bucks) and you have a limited amount of pulses.

Let me tell you a little tale:

We ran out on the 10th and they where supposed to put us back on the 15th. The didn’t. We asked why but since it was saturday and you can only make complaints from Monday to Friday, we had to wait two days. We called on monday and nobody answered. We had time to go there only on Thursday. Turns out they made a mistake and thought we hadn’t paid, they said that they’d fix it but it would take 48 hours to do some paperwork. We cursed, sweared and waited. Last saturday we should have had phone again. We didn’t. You can only make complaints between Monday-Friday so we had to wait another two days. It’s 9:00 AM here so I’m about to go there and bite their fucking heads off.

The End.

Darn, now that is what I call a shitty phone compagny. If it would happen to me, I would be pissed off too.

yeh right, sounds like a company who tries ta frame you every time

I think its also the only phone company around in his city, so its even worse. I hope I`m wrong.

I went over my minutes on my cell one time. It was crazy, my bill was like $300…

hands Ephyon a claymore

Go for it! Show those evil phone companies.

I’d sue them for aggravation and unredered services, as well as being shitty businesspeople.

Xero: it isn’t easy like in Europe and US. Here in the south cone, suing a company like this for not doing their stuff right mostly leads to nowhere.

My mother’s cell phone was cloned once. The cloner made a 900 bucks debt in calls. They sent us the bill, and we showed we hadn’t made those calls (except for the oldest ones, cell phones have a record of how much time they’ve been used). They didn’t take it and cancelled the line. Untill we proved we were right some 4 months had passed. We’re now with another company for our cell phones.

They should buy Mr. Successful Business Smilie’s latest book: How to keep your customers happy, and staying with you. By the sound of it, they need it.

Originally posted by Ren
I think its also the only phone company around in his city, so its even worse. I hope I`m wrong.

Nope, sadly, you are right on that. Telefónica is the only company that provides services ON THE WHOLE FUCKING PROVINCE. In other words: If you want phone, you stay with them.

This sucks. I won’t be able to be around for a while. Again. >_<