I really don't understand this.

Let’s look at a common phenomenon, which is the “I don’t care” post.

What would bring someone to go through ALL of a topic only to post “I don’t care.” not only is that counter-productive, it’s entierly moronic.

It’s also the reason as to why I haven’t posted in a few.

cues someone thinking he’s funny and that will post “I don’t care” lolololololollazlolzl

I believe it is accually a cry for help. Someone who doesn’t care about something will voice their opinion in hopes that someone else will retort. Then either an argument or an intellegent conversation will ensue.

You’d think that, but I’ve seen so much of them to know that it almost never does.

It’s not like saying : “I don’t care because…” it’s just a message saying “I don’t care.”

We’re aware of that and the admins and mods are discussing measures to blast people that do that. Exo’s gone, we’ll see who goes next.

I think it’s just obnoxious.

And I don’t care because I’m a rogue program that can duplicate himself endlessly by taking over other personalities!

You banned Exo for not caring?

…What the fuck?

Originally posted by Sorcerer
[b]You banned Exo for not caring?

…What the fuck? [/b]
He just replied “I don’t care” to any thread that he wasn’t involved in.



We banned him for trolling and flaming. Everyone was so sick of him that since it wasn’t his first ban, that it was almost unanimous for a perm.

I don’t care.

Gah! I don’t care for double posting for no reason either.

Free Post!
Postcount Increase!

I thought it was obvious.

Everyone needs a hobby. nods nods