I really can't use youtube any more...

I’m playing Battlefield 2 now…

When the things in Tib:booster:et happened, I posted the video of the mob attacking innocent people and set fire in the streets on youtube. And they deleted it, post it again, they delete it again. And CNN simplely cut the photo so people can’t see the mob, and then they can say there’s no mob, there’s only protesters.




OK, maybe all my information is wrong, because I see the news on CCTV first, and I know CCTV always gave me fake news.

Chinese goverment is angry and banned youtube, maybe for years, maybe forever… I can’t visit it any more.:fungah:
No matter what Youtube have given me so much fun… Goodbye.

Is there any other place for a alternative?

OK, things change so quick, they tell me not all the youtube will be banned. Just some of the politilcal part … That’s enough for me. I really need this.

I’ve nothing to say about the subject at hand, but check out LiveVideo sometime. It’s a half-decent alternative to Youtube.

You don’t use 土豆网?

I use niconico in Japan sometimes, and 土豆网 sometimes…
But I still need something more global, not just Japanese or Chinese voises.

Yeah, I shouldn’t talk too much about the some matter. Now a key words system is being used, if you visit a page and the page have some “key words”, your IE will automately stop working. I really hate this.

Thanks for introducing LiveVideo.

Personally I haven’t used it much, but there’s also http://poetv.com/

do you know about <a href=“http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XeroBank_Browser”>torpark</a>? its a special web-browser that automatically connects through a series of proxies, so that your internet browsing and searches are unfiltered. the list of proxies always changes to prevent government blocks, and they’re managed by the browser without any interaction from you, so you dont need any special knowledge. it would let you get to any site your government blocks…but i guess that would make it illegal so use your best judgement.

i dont know how they thought those soldiers were chinese in the second photo o_o pretty obviously indian…dont even have to know uniform colors really :stuck_out_tongue:

torpark works sometimes depending on how 'well" they blocked it, I used it often when youtube or google were banned. Don’t worry, they’ll probably unban it once this has calmed down… which could take like,a couple of months oO; (or years). I wouldn’t go around repeatedly posting videos or blog entries and stuff about it if I were you though. o_o;

I try the torpark, but I can’t open it. Still thanks.

Visiting banned sites maybe illegal, but I don’t think someone will arrest you for that.


This works for me in Beijing. It can be a little slow, but I’m in no hurry.

Edit: YouTube seems to be working normally now without a proxy.,

Yes, I can opem youtube now, not very stable though.

Oh, how’s Japan?