I realized I miss something on RPGC

… the mailbag. (PLEASE don’t laugh) Especially Kagon on the Mailbag.

You mean the mailbad.

mailbag team is king

http://www.rpgclassics.com/mailbag/mailbag113.shtml classic

diapy :smiley:

Actually, the mailbag was one of the first things I read from RPGClassics, even before I got on the forums. It was pretty funny when I was a teen, but I don’t really find it that funny now. I wouldn’t say it’s bad, it’s just not aimed at our ages anymore. We’ve aged, but the content hasn’t.

I loved Macc Maverick’s mailbags, and there’s still some charm in them.

You mean the malebag.

Seriously, when did it retire?

I think some time after Godot didn’t bother showing up.

The mailbag is actually one of things that brought me to the site. It’s the reason I used to send pianos and bolas as Merl’s and Kag’s birthday gifts.

Originally Posted by Kagato Toujou
[i]You mean the malebag.

Seriously, when did it retire?[/i]

I though it was called the Nail Bag!?!

It was left hangin’ at about August/September '05, kinda like everything else 'round these parts.

But you know what I really miss…

The Second Annual RPGClassics March Madness Challenge

The Third Annual one will happen this year. The tourny has to be seeded first. The Challenge won’t start until mid March.

I really miss you being on IRC, Miss Mints. :frowning:

I also miss the RPGC meets that we used to have. Though I have been secretly planning a road trip for early this summer, and 2 people I definitely want to visit are 984 and EZ. Considering they’re practically on opposite ends of the continent, I don’t really have an excuse for not visiting as many of you as I can in between.

I miss doing the mailbag sometimes.

Does that mean I’m going to have to sign on and leave it on idle? :smiley: Oh, fine.

After awhile, it just seemed like poor Cidolfas and everyone else was keeping up with it out of sheer duty :confused:

Actually, a meet this year would be pretty sweet, as I’ll be in America for most of the summer (hopefully)!

Well, it was always duty. 8p I had a good time with it though. I do have the record for most mailbags done… the fact that most people liked everyone else’s better doesn’t say much for my sense of humor though. 8-(

Technically, the Mailbag really was a duty since it’s required by the Charter, for some inane reason. Not that we follow that any more.

Or that we ever did.

Oh ho ho. Cid with the burn on the people with the late Mailbag. Like Kagon and SG and The 984. Fuck those late bastards.

Wait what.

I preferred yours FWIW.