I r needing Chrono Trigger rom save files.

I need some save states that are at least to the point where you are in the future. or you have the ability to go to anytime. I need to get to the area where the guy puts its brain in the Nu, or somthing. The place with Belthasar.

I’m not requesting Roms, just the save states. So I dont think I’m breaking the rules.

Check out www.vgws.com.

I checked that site out.

Man had i only known about it earlier.

Thanks Lord Zhou

As much as I hate the site for their lack of updates… <a href=“http://www.zophar.net/”>Zophar’s Domain</a>.

Oh, and are you requesting save games or save states? Remember that save states are often emulator-dependent.

It doesnt matter which. Thanks lord Zhou.