I pulled a perfect Keitaro today.

I pulled a perfect Keitaro (Love Hina) today. I was helping this lady with her deli order. She wanted the chicken meal deal, which comes with two salads/mojo family packs, gravy, and dinner rolls. Well, I’d gotten her everything except the rolls, and, I said to her “I’ll just grab your buns really quick.”

Total accidenty. She didn’t notice at first, but I realized a few seconds after, and just started laughing my head off. Then she realized, and luckily, started laughing, and I apologized. It was hilarious, though.

I’m still laughing thinking about it.

A perfect Keitaro would have been if she kicked you in the face, and you got sent flying! XD

Well, yeah, true, but, to start, at least, it was a perfect Keitaro. Until we all laughed, it was. =P

You didn’t fall and grab her breasts by accident.

Enough nit-picking? The point is, something funny happened to me, and I wanted to share it. [/dragonquester imitation] =D

And now, watch this. Someone’s gonna say “That wasn’t funny” right?

Well… it wasn’t.

I guess it’s one of those things you have to be there for. If you had been there, and seen it happen, it would (probably) have been funnier.

Probably. But someone had to say it.

Honestly, it was ok, worth a simile, but then, I don’t know who Keitaro is.

If the floor broke and you fell into a hot tub full of nude girls who all start to scream and punch you, then it would be a perfect Keitaro

smile It’s always nice to find humor in life.

It’d be worth the pain.






The first two were okay. The third one was brilliant. The next two SUCKED!


Well, allow me to be the first to ask.

What the fuck is a Keitaro?

What the…?