I now have the power to kill God himself...

…using only a walking stick.

No unequal condition will best me when I have my trusty walking stick. Her name is Sal.

Oh God, Pierson was right, Englishmen DO have the Ultimate Power!

Actually, the man that wrote it was inspired while studying self-defence in Japan.
And coincidentally, it was first published Pearson’s Magazine in 1901. Hmm… I wonder if there’s any relation since everyone knows that names are spelled differently from generation to generation.

Yeah, but what country in the world has the greatest cache of walking sticks? They are everywhere, one moment you could be sitting next to an old man drinking tea and the next you could be getting mauled by a Walking-Stick Samurai!

Attack of the English Samari!!! I will send my meesanger to get killed by English Samari now. Messenger, go. :runaway:

Monty Python’s “How to defend yourself against an attacker wielding a piece of fruit” sketch was better. All you have to do is shoot the guy.

Dude, that’s like saying “Why the hell would you want an awesome gatling gun!? All it takes is an orbiting laser weapon and you wouldn’t have a chance!”, it’s still awesome!

Those are wimpy-looking walking sticks…now, <a href=“http://www.whistlecreek.com/classerrusst.html” target="_blank">THESE</a> are walking sticks!

Please don’t kill God- He may have a English translated version of Monster Maker 3 he is saving for me if i am good!

Satan provides quicker results, dragonquester.

I’m pretty sure… all I would have to do is stunlock you to pwn you.


Pah! Even the walkingstick comes short to the powers of the umbrella!

Nul, did you even read the title? =P

Self-defence with a Walking-stick: The Different Methods of Defending Oneself with a Walking-Stick or Umbrella when Attacked under Unequal Conditions (Part1)

You can use an umbrella too.=¥

U cant kill God any way, even if u tried, its pointless. You would be hurting yourself

Sod what the headline says! Sod what the text says! They should’ve used umbrellas in the illustrations, not those stupid sticks that can’t even protect you from rain!

What about those sticks they use to sit on? From what I heard from one Englishman, they’re quite “grousing”…