I needs me a new handheld RPG

I really like RF. RF2 can be really boring in the beginning, if you’re more into the exploring stuff than farming. But for some reason, farming on a DS is fun for me, so, yeah. Not a bad game.

My only real porblem with RF2 is how you can;t really explore or do anything until the second generation. it can get really boring waiting until then.

On the other hand, I found RF1 dreadfully bare. It was nice, but I had all the upgrades, finished the story, was ready to get married and had about two million extra bucks halfway through the first winter. It wasn’t AWL-style bare where even during gameplay there’s not much to do, but you can get everything done way too fast. The only reason to play past the first year is if you want to marry Mei.

Which I did, so I spent the second year getting all my crops to Level 10 to pass the time. And even that was done halfway through second autumn.

Also, the festivals sucked.

I actually haven’t played Rune Factory so I can’t comment on how good it is. All I know is it’s an RPG for DS and he didn’t list it, and a lot of people like it.

yeah, thats why i said the beginnign is boring. Except I like the farming :stuck_out_tongue:

An update!

I narrowed down my choices to FF Tactics A2 and TWEWY. I informed my parents as such, and told them to surprise me.

And they did. Boy, did they ever. I am now the proud owner of both of them. My parents are awesome.

Once again, I thank you all for your feedback.