I need Xbox 360 games

I finally broke down and bought one. I got one of the newest 60-gig pros, so I shouldnt have any problems. I just needed new games to play, and I wasn’t finding them on the Wii or DS.

I got Eternal Sonata (cute but very fun), and Tales of Vesperia (Just like Tales of Symphonia, in just about every way) Then this bundle included Kung Fu Panda and Lego indiana Jones.

I got some friends hooking me up with Jade Empire, Fable I, Mass Effect, Blue Dragon, Gears of War and Dead Rising.

Where should I go from there? I don’t do FPS games, Sports/racing or GTA clones. I also want to check out Lost Odyssey, and how is Infinity Undiscovery?

Lost Odyssey isn’t bad, but its flawed. Infinite Undiscovery is atrocious and you should stay away from it unless you want to have a drunken party and laugh at how everything it does is stupid and badly designed. You will endure the entire game having your retarded main character yell out “DANCING RHAPSODY” because that’s the name of one of his moves. Its fucking embarassing.

RPG wise, you have Fallout 3 if you like Bethsda’s works, its coming out in about a week. ToV’s a good pick. Blue Dragon is fun. The Last Remnant is coming out before the end of the year, that could be good. Fable II is well received from what I’m seeing.

I’m not sure how much you’ll like Gears of War and Mass Effect if you don’t like FPSes. I personally think Halo 3 is by far better than Gears of War. Mass Effect is an FPS Bioware RPG and its very good. If you end up liking GoW, GoW2 is coming out soon. Again you don’t like FPS but the Orange Box is excellent Left 4 Dead by Valve is coming out soon as well.Its kind of hard to say WHAT it is, but Mirror’s Edge looks excellent and is coming out in November. Its a First Person SOMETHING. If you like survival horror, Dead Space is very good.

Ninja Gaiden II is the best 3rd person action game I have ever played. I really enjoyed the Star Wars Force Unleashed demo, but I’m waiting for the price to drop before buying it.

Since you have an Xbox, get some games on XBL; Castle Crashers is TONS of fun to play with other people. Braid is a platformer and it is highly acclaimed. I did not enjoy bionic commando, but lots of people did for some reason. If you didn’t get MM9 for the Wii, you can also get it for Xbox. CV SotN is available also for 10 bucks on XBL as are many other games.

The Orange Box is an absolute must even if you dislike FPSes, either that or Portal: Still Alive from XBLA (perfect timing- it only came out yesterday). The no-FPS rule also nails Bioshock, so I’d reconsider it if I were you (IMHO best story of any game on 360 right now, RPGs included).

Despite the running & gunning-oriented gameplay, Mass Effect is one of the best RPG options on the 360 by far right now. Infinite Undiscovery is… meh. Not up to Blue Dragon or Lost Odyssey at any rate. The Last Remnant doesn’t look like anything particularly special, but there#'s always Star Ocean 4 and FF13 on the (admittedly pretty distant) horizon.

From XBLA, I recommend you at least try Space Giraffe- it’s not to everybody’s tastes but once you click with it, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it. Fortunately, you can download demos of just about every XBLA game- I recommend very much you do this, as you have the space to do so and there are several absolutely amazing titles to be had.

If you want the orange box get it on PC.

Also Space Giraffe is terrible.

Overlord is an amusing little game.

I don’t have much to add to those comments/suggestions, other than I highly second Ninja Gaiden II and I want to reiterate that Infinite Undiscovery is horrifying. Sin did a pretty good summary. :stuck_out_tongue: Perhaps if it were the first game you played on the XBox 360, you’d think it’s “ok”, but certainly NOT after ToV.

Thanks a ton. I was under the impression that GOW and Mass Effect were 3rd Person, with GOW at least having the “Over teh Shoulder” aiming system.

I really really want to get into FPSs. I feel like Bioshock and Portal are both required. I don’t mind FPSs on PC, and didn’t mind them on the GC. I despised them on teh Dual Shock controler, and heard they work relatively well on this controller. I’ll check em out down the line.

The only thing that really sucks, is if I want to embrace the full Xbox Live Multiplayer experience, I’m gonna have to buy these games eventually. Here’s hoping they drop the prices around the holidays.

35 achievment points, baby. Woo!

Well I guess that ME and GoW are 3rd person, as is Dead Space if that’s your definition, but I think its a ridiculous distinction. I’ve had other people tell me the same thing and I think its all the same if you have your character blocking a third to half your screen by standing in front of it or if you’re inside his head. No matter how you play any of these games, its mostly irrelevant you have the guy stand in front of you because the mechanism by which you aim is the same as an FPS.

In order I’d recomend ME > Dead Space > GoW. The reason I rate GoW the lowest is that while it is a good game and it is well made and I am looking forward to GoW2, the gameplay is repetitive. Note that when I say this, I mean the campaign because I like to play co-op with my gf. Conversely, I finished Mass Effect so many times, I use the ship music as a form of torture to punish my gf because she can’t stand it anymore.

A real 3rd person game, by my standards, is something like Ninja Gaiden 2 (which you should really try).

I personally found Bioshock to be overrated. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it a lot and I do recommend it, but I graphically, there is better now and the story, while good, is not that groundbreaking or original. Its a well polished game. You have to understand that gamers are like fat nerds being approached by girls. They’re desperate, they are parched and walking in a desert and this skews their perception. If the girl is moderately attractive, their pants will explode in ejaculate. So every time you have something like Bioshock, which is well made, even if she’s not a pornstar, their pants will explode in ejaculate. Bioshock is more like the girl next door.

heh, that’s a nice analogy, and it describes a couple of my friends (one of whom really is a fat nerd).

I guess I haven’t actually seen much of GOW or ME to know the degree of the FP’ness or or 3P-ness of either. I’m thinking the camera is far enough away from your character, you see him from behind, (ie, something like Ninja Gaiden) and then when you aim, it zooms in and you’re watching over his shoulder. If they take up that much space, then yeah, I guess It could be a first person, or it might as well be. Well, Ill check 'em out soon enough.

Of course, there IS a version of Bioshock that’s worth blasting off before count down over - it’s called System Shock 2. But, I digress, this is supposed to be about XBox360 games.

If you want to play FPS games then Mass Effect and Gears of War are good starters. The aiming mechanics of the games essentially make them FPS’s anyway as the over the shoulder view is essentially down the barrel of the gun. What makes the games different though are their other mechanics - Gears has the cover system, Mass Effect is an RPG.

Ok, so on top of what I started out with - Tales of Vesperia, Eternal Sonata, Lego Indiana Jones, Kung Fu Panda, between the 3 people who hooked me up (one VERY generously), I’ve now ended up with:

Mass Effect
Gears of War
Jade Empire
Blue Dragon
Soul Calibur IV
Dead Rising
Conker: Live and Reloaded

One buddy gave me his CD wallet of some 16 games, mostly crap, but it has Crimson Skies, and Indigo Prophecy, and I’d be curious about those.

I also just picked up Panzer Dragoon Orta, and Shenmue II.

God damn, it feels fantastic to drown in games again.

It looks like I’ll enjoy GOW way more than I ever thought possible. Dead Rising is a riot. I can’t even begin to comment further.

I definitely suggest Halo 3 if you like GoW. I think its a far superior game. Play it co-op though. Halo 3 has a very stupid AI for your allies. Its also more fun to play Halo 3 than Halo because it is a lot better designed. Like Fable 2 > Fable.

Also , you’re missing Ninja Gaiden 2, the best action game I have ever played.

KotoR is good, but never play KotoR 2. If you end up liking KotoR, you will love ME.

Bear in mind that Xbox emulation is far from perfect on the 360, which is partially why I insist that you try out the updated games.

Oh Sin, I already love you. :smiley:

I love you too man, but I think we need some space. By that I mean Dead Space.

If you have friends, the whole Guitar Hero 4/Rock Band 2 thing might be for you. I’m not a huge fan of rhythm games, but they’re decent little games. You definitely need friends for them though. The actual band setup costs like $200.

Beautiful Katamari’s on the 360 too. It’s more of the same, but fun.

Maybe because I haven’t been spoiled by the LBP beta (irrelevant as this is a 360 thread, but still), but I’ve been having serious fun with the Banjo-Kazooie demo. Remains to be seen how much fun the full game will be but the vehicle creation has been seriously entertaining so far, and you’re only allowed access to the test room in the demo…

What’s that Banjo-Kazooie demo? Isn’t LBP a Sony game? What happens in the Banjo-Kazooie demo? How could Rare part with Nintendo? Er…

I have friends, but I don’t know if I’d drop that much money for the whole set. I would really only just get the guitar, but then they make it sound like you must play with four people.

I’d get RB 1 and 2, I would just stop at GH2.

GH1-3 are single player only (well except for a few battle modes) and only need one guitar. RB1, RB2, and GH4 all can be played with just a guitar. However, you probably lose some stuff there since part of the appeal of those games is playing as a band with friends. Look at Hades’ review of GH4; he criticizes the difficulty in it. The difficulty for GH4 is probably lower in part because it wasn’t designed to be just a guitar rhythm game.