I need to write something

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’m not having a nice week. Among other things, my cousin Mary just died, after a long battle with cancer. My family and I had braced for the inevitable, but I’m still depressed.

Not to mention I haven’t written anything in a while. I’ve been busy trying to make ends meet, plus lacking inspiration, no doubt due to being unable to buy new video games to play. And don’t even get me started on how disappointed I’m over current events in comic books, especially DC’s. Go here instead and see for yourselves: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infinite_Crisis

Well, actually, I have been writting something- I’ve been contributing heavily to WIKIPEDIA (mostly about comic books) but I miss writing stories. I’m saving my full writing powers for this year’s Xmas Saga, but I’m wondering if writing something now -even if only a short story- might get me out of my slump. Remember when I used to post threads just to discuss story ideas? We could do that now. So… hit me with anything, gang. I’ll do my best to hit back.

I honestly don’t know what to say about all that… As for story ideas, give me a little while, and I’ll try to bring something to discuss.

A good rpgc fanfic has a lto of potential. You could for instance, rewrite an already complete story with characters from rpgclassics and have things go horribly wrong.

Or you could insert the insanity that is the people from rpgclassics into some normal setting and see how they clash.

You don’t even have to finish whatever you write, jsut experiment with stuff.

Manus: You mean the Infinite Crisis stuff? To put it simply, for the past two years or so, DC comics have put all kind of UNheroic stories in their comics. Rape, murder of heroes or their loved ones, scandals in the hero community… I’m not saying these aren’t well-written stories, but aren’t they forgetting that these are supposed to be super HEROES? It’s like having Prime Time TV shows turn into HBO “we’ll put in anything for cheap shock value” series. (Wait, that may already be happening, what with shows like Desperate Housewives… but let’s change the topic already.)

VS: Hmm… remember when I was planning that ULTIMATE FINAL FANTASY story with EVERY FF character living in the SAME world? I STILL want to write it, though it’ll be a HUGE story, so I don’t want to tackle it now (maybe after Xmas Saga) but I could write a vignette or something… We could discuss it again. Like, what would your favorite FF character be doing in such a world? I can always use ideas. :slight_smile:

Maybe a “Day in the life of…” type story? Pick a hero out of a hat and tell us what he/she does when no one’s threatening to end the world. You know, all the little stuff. Or maybe even a day in your life, including coming on to RPGC and seeing what sorts of stuff people have brought up. That should be easy enough :slight_smile:

A cool excericise I did once is to get a concept, a very basic one, with a couple of your friends, and then write a plot outline together, andthen each write your own story on it and see how different they all turn out.

Another thing, jumping off what Taran said, is a ‘guys’ type story-- If you ever read the Cerebus comic, you’ll know what that means-- if not, it’s just where all the characters of cerebus, larger than life anti-heroes with schemes and dreams of world conquest and memories of lost love, just hang out in a bar for a very long Graphic novel and talk. They aren’t Cerebus the former Prime Minister and Pope, or Bear the barbarian warlord, they’re just guys.
I’m doing a story like this about videogame characters at a Christmas party and it’s turning out to not only be one of the best things I’ve ever written, but a tension releaver as well. It seems like when your characters are just hanging out having fun, you have to too, to get in the mood.

Taran: I like “day in the Life” stories, they’re a good way to explore characters away from the action they’re always involved in. But a story about me would be terribly boring, unless I did the Fantasy-Sci Fi version of it. Which I might…

Arac: Do you mean the sort of story where characters are shown as just actors in a series, and on their time out, they hang together like normal people? Like in that cartoon where Wily E. Coyote was trying to steal some sheep from a shepherd dog and kept getting beaten to a pulp, only to turn out those were their “jobs” and outside of work hours, they were buddies? Those can be fun too, if written right. Let us see yours when you’re done.

For those of you who don’t remember our ULTIMATE FF discussion last year, here’s my conclusions:

-The world all the characters would share should be mostly medieval, but advanced technology, like Airships, DOES exists in some cities. And of course, magic item shops are everywhere. Kinda like FF9.
-The Summons are unique, powerful beings that have influenced the world thru history. Many are worshipped as gods. Think FFX. All Summons from all FF games exist here, though the form and history of each is TBD (To Be Determined.)
-Monsters roam the world, making adventurers necessary. (In FF11, it was revealed this happens because a god wanted to keep civilization from getting TOO advanced.)
-Jobs are not just adventurer classes, but guilds that wield some influence in society (Summoners, for example, are the clergy in this world.) ALL Jobs from all the games are included- yes, even things like Elementalists!
-None of the events of the games have happened yet, unless determined otherwise. More likely, my stor(ies) will cover alternate versions of them, using different characters, etc.

So, the challenge is to see how EACH AND EVERY FF character would fit in here. As an example, I’ll mention Yuna:

(Of course, if you haven’t played FFX or X2 and don’t want Spoilers, DON’T READ THE NEXT SECTION!)

In FFX, Yuna was a summoner because she inherited the ability from her father. Like all summoners in Spyra, she was meant to go in a quest to obtain the power of the Ultimate Aeon so she could kill the monster Sin, who ravages the world every 10 years. They considered this an honor DESPITE the fact that stopping Sin also meant their DEATH! Yuna met most of her party because they were her guardians, sworn to protect her until she accomplished her mission. In the end, she found out that the whole pilgrimage thing was a lie of the corrupted YU Yevon church to give the people false hope and make themselves important.

In this version, Sin might exist, but the Summoners aren’t exclusive to Yu Yevon, and other adventurers might help stop it either temporarily or permanently. Therefore Yuna wouldn’t have to go on her pilgrimage and wouldn’t HAVE to meet the rest of the FFX cast, not even Tidus (though she still might.) However, she would likely still be a summoner, and given her enormous charisma, a pretty popular one, likely making her a major character anyway.

See how I’m going with this? Feel free to give me more suggestions. For ANY FF character. Yes, even Quina!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well Wil, you could always write a short romantic/fluffy type of fic, with your favourite characters, from anywhere. That could be a good way of making yourself feel better, getting lost in a romantic/fluffy situation.

Here’s a website you might want to check out.

This website has all sorts of “generators”. You choose something, like, say, superheroes or fantasy or scifi, and it’ll give you a hero name, a character name, even a simple plot outline. Some artist friends of mine have had a lot of fun with it. Maybe you can give one of the plot/character generators a whirl and hammer out a short story based off the outline.

Heh, thanks GG, that place is fun. Though I don’t like random generation that much- I’d rather read the list of ideas and pick and choose.

But you know, you guys have given me an idea: why not face my discomfort about the state of Superhero comic books directly in a story? I never got around to finishing my “origin story” and I’ve been considering rewriting it in an expanded form, this time including my experiences with ALL sources of fiction, not just RPGs. One of the chapters was precisely going to address the changes in the Marvel and DC Universes in the past few decades; I could just start with THAT chapter, and explain and express my frustrations that way. Plus, I’ve never written a superhero fanfic (in RPGC, anyway) so it could be a new experience.

…Yeah, I think I’ll go with that. Thanks for the support, guys; you’ll see the (short) story posted here in a few days (gotta finish some work on my PC first.) :cool:

(PS: I’m still open to suggestions for the Ultimate FF story, btw. ) :slight_smile:

I’ve got some ideas for it, but I need to write them down. I’ll see what I can do.

Actually, I was referring to the character staying in character and just taking a break, something like Locke and Shadow hanging out at a bar after a hard day of adventuring, although I really like the idea you had too. I usually don’t post what I write, but I guess I could post it when it’s done.

A few months ago you started something that I think was called the RPG multiverse. I think it involved all the earth like worlds.

Dude: I was going to use the RPG Multiverse in last year’s SAGA but only got around to sticking the characters on Filgaia 3 (from Wild Arms 3) without even using any characters from the game; that’s just how things turned out. I mean to use the concept again for this year’s story, but again, it all depends on the collective ideas of all the people who join in.

Coincidentally, my short story ALSO uses the Multiverse concept. Expect it real soon. :slight_smile:

I woulda suggested a crossover trade since I’m in progress of writing that wee bit of story that’s my current project. But hey, a little practice in anything does good before the christmas story sets in. And let’s see you spell my name with a single B, eh? :wink:

Edit: That the first Green Lantern as your avatar, Wil?

Mab: My new story is set in the past when I was young, so a crossover would’ve been unlikely right now anyway, but we could work something up later. And don’t worry, I’ll get your name right this year. :slight_smile:

And good catch, that is indeed Alan Scott, the ORIGINAL Green Lantern from the 40’s. He doesn’t look THAT bad for a dude in his 80’s-90’s, eh? (Actually, there’s a (rather convoluted) explanation for that in the comics. I’ll explain it another time.)

Story’s almost ready, I’ll be posting it soon.

It’d be kind of neat to have a Really Famous Super Hero who’s actually really corrupt going around to various universes hiring people like mario or Green Lantern to remove a real hero who’s been giving the corrupt hero trouble, and showing how he handles it.

You could take an abandoned RP and finish/redo it.

If you wanted to do another in-depth thing involving members of the forum besides the Xmas Story, you could have everyone create a super power for themselves and have a story involving an RPGC Justice League or something.