I need to see this


Ugh, its not an anti smoking ad rolled into a movie is it? It looks like a comedy, but I wouldn’t take any bets with anti-smoking groups.

It doesn’t appear to be anti-smoking, it appears to be anti-PR people. They’ve been advertising it pretty heavily at the local indy-movie house, and I’m planning on seeing it, because, if nothing else, the marketing for it is HILARIOUS. :smiley:

It opens in Dallas on the 31st. That’s when I plan on seeing it.

This is one of the best lines I’ve heard in a while. “We sell cigarrettes and they’re cool and available and addictive. The job’s almost done for us!”

Heh, thats good. I will have to look for it. It sounds funny and interesting.

yeah the trailer is pretty hot. The best part of the trailer for me is when the lobbyist demonstrates that the cigarette industry wouldn’t want to kill kids who get cancer from cigarette smoke.

I saw that trailer. It looks… interesting.