I need to change my pants


Wow. I want one.

Make a friend in japan.


sniff sob

:moogle: cait are you crying?

Its just so beutiful… and I can’t get it cause I live in America! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! :bowser:

Won’t be long before a fansubber grabs it, eh?

And there’s always E-bay.

That. Is fucking. Awesome.

What about Europe?

Damn, that is impressive. Hopefully it should come out in Europe, eventually. I just wish it didn’t take so bleeding long.

At first I was like “WTF OVER $200!?!??” but then I saw all the loads of STUFF that came with it.

But that doesn’t explain EBGames putting it at 50 bucks, for what I assume to be the standard edition. I’m sorry, just because it says “Final Fantasy” on the box doesn’t mean you get to price it the same as a game. >E

Am I the only person that hasnt been looking forward to this since forever?

Most likely, yes :stuck_out_tongue:

And that IS awesome, but with my budget I’d probably go for the standard version.

No, but you are of a rare kin. I really don’t give a hoot about all that stuff, JUST GIVE ME THE DAMN MOVIE.

Nope =P I never really thought much of it. Square is taking advantage by using the FF7 Hype… of course, a cash cow is a cash cow :stuck_out_tongue:

Having never playing FF7 (nor really wanting to, meh), I’m with you, SD. I honestly don’t care. Especially not for $50.

I’m viewing this on my phone, maybe I’m missing somthing. But doesn’t this website look a little like rpgclassics?

that’s a lot of money to pay for a coffee cup.

I’ll wait for the torrent.

-A cup

Holy shit

I think they were way past taking advantage of the FF label after the 6th game. >_>