I need some advice from some good RPG fans.

I looking to find some good multiplayer RPGs for PS2. I have Baldur’s Gate, but I would like some more multiplayer action. If there are any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind that they don’t necesarily have to be that particular style. They just have to be multiplayer and RPG.

Unfortunately, multiplayer and RPG are not two great tastes that have always gone well together. There’s simply not very many multiplayer RPGs out there. On another recent thread, we tried to list them out, and Star Ocean 3’s limited vs. mode was one of the few occasions we could come up with… You’ve already mentioned Baldur’s Gate, and I’m assuming you’ve already played or are in process of playing Baldur’s Gate 2, so X-Men Legends and Gauntlet are the only others of that play style I can think of on PS2.

If you’re really looking for multiplayer RPG on PS2, your best bets are going to be FFXI and Everquest, unfortunately…