I need money...

Most tappable


Um, proffessional snowboarder is the way to go.

Aren’t you 11? Don’t you just do and beg your parents for money?

Yes, but she is only 3’11. The proportions always work out that way.

Anyway, whose pelvis looks like that? Geez.

That’d be nice if her face wasn’t so retarded looking.

Um, proffessional snowboarder is the way to go.[/QUOTE]

I hate both of you.

I hate Chi. I fucking hate her. If Chi were a real person I’d take a baseball bat and break her fucking face in. No. I’d take a crowbar to her ankles and then pour gasoline on her. I’d then tie her to the back of a truck and drag her untill her little ear things sparked and caught her on fire.

I fucking hate her.

At least her face isn’t retarded.

Haha he added “Izlude1984” to the list of things Cammy likes!!!

Cammy is like 45 now, according to the cannon. Izlude likes the older women.

46 kg is 101 lbs.
64 kg is 140 lbs.

So either the metric mass or imperial weight in the image is wrong, or she’s on another planet with a different gravitational pull.

Or she is being viewed from an noninertial frame of reference travelling sufficiently close to c such that she seems lighter.

Or she has hollow bones so she can kick faster

Since she’s blonde well… That takes care of SOME of the weight ;;>_>. In fact, if she’s so much of an airhead, it might buoey her slightly, contering the effect of gravity.

However, she is well endowed, that should add more wieght than she is losng for being blond.

How could you not like Chi? It’s like fucking a girl AND fucking a computer at the same time! :ah-ha!:

SEPHY~! =^_^=


…what? You guys get to drool over Cammy and Chi, it’s only fair. :stuck_out_tongue:


Holy shit, they make them for everything!

Only 95% obsessed? You fail at fanboy-dom. You have to be at least 99% or higher to pass.

Anyway, ebay link.


Not the girl I’d prefer, but still better than most of the ones I’ve seen here.

Don’t blame me for the weight being wrong. I got those numbers from www.cammyfan.com

Thats who you should blame for messing up!