I need money...


I paint models too, I really really want this… >_>


That looks awesome, but it would be HELL to paint.

I’m dedicated and 95% obsessed. I’m up to the task.

Damn, that’s really cheap as well. Post results!

Nice Engrish.

Nice ass.

That’s not expensive.

It is when you are a poor college bum who doesnt have time for a job because of classes and your parents are still helping you with “allowance” and you are almost 21…

God… now I’m depressed…


Hey wait a second, how is she only 101 pounds? It’d seem like she’d be at least 150. Isn’t she really muscley?

You know, I used to think the ancient peoples who had statues of a god or goddess in their home was kinda weird…


Just steal money from your parents or beg on the forums.


This one tickles my fancy

Even neater.

I’d tap both of those.

I’ll buy it for you Izlude, but you’ll have to send me the finished product =P

You’d tap raw beef if it was the right shape.

What if it’s sticky… from extra paint, of course!

Do they have one of Sakura?!

But, we all need money for things we want. Like I want money to buy Half-Life 2…but, even if I had the money I wouldn’t be able to get it anyway…HATE ESRB!

Yeah you would. That’s what growing a beard and lying through your teeth to the EB guy do.
Yes, I know you’re a girl. You should still grow a beard.