I need info on Metal Gear Solid 3.

I must’ve read like… 3 reviews on this game… and jesus H. christ, I hear it’s the best friggin’ game ev4r… but, they are all biased, 'cause they are all fans of the series, and I found them all on MGS fansites. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have any of you played it? I heard that it’s so realistic and awesome and it radiates with holy light…

I need some information on the game, like, what’s it about. I know it’s a lot to ask, but I’m sure one of you has some free time

I’d do this myself, but I’m so fucking busy, it’s unbelievable.

Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you love MG, it is the best in the series. With exception of three guys from the Cobra Unit, almost everyone is a cool character. The Boss is the greatest. And the stealth gameplay is way better than before. Gotta love the Bond feeling to this game.

I saw the commercial, and it was so good, I think I was gonna explode.

It’s pretty good. It has a pretty interesting plot. There aren’t so many codec sequences which is nice, it is more of the characters actually interacting with each other. Whoever told you it was realistic was smoking something strong. It is very unrealistic, possibly the least realistic. It is quite harder than past Metal Gears and you have to move much slower than past Metal Gears. The boss fights are a mixed abg. I didn’t like msot of them, but most people seem to love them. It pretty much boils down to how much you like Metal Gear Solid. If you liked the other games, you’ll like this, if not, then this one won’t change your mind.

From the people who said it was realistic (GameFAQs reviewers), said there were MANY codec moments, and that the boss fights were AMAZING.

The codec sequences are greatly tuned down from MGS1 and MGS2. They are still there, but they are few in comparison. Also, like I said, some people love the boss fights, but I didn’t care for them as much. It was a certain group of boss fights that I didn’t like, with one or two exceptions. Either way, the most important thing to consider is if you liked the past MGSes. If you did, you’ll dig this one, if not, you’ll want to pass. Also, look at your source, it’s GameFAQs. The people there either cream themselves over games, or loathe them and consider the game to be the worst ever.

The codec sequence are not that frequent in this one, but the Codec Sequences with Para-Medic are pretty interessting.

You’re biased, Mr. Snake Avatar. :<

I gots a question, is Big Boss in this game, or even mentioned?

Short answer yes.

Long answer, with minor spoilers. You ARE big Big Boss. You start out as “Naked Snake” and then by completing the game, you are awarded the code name of “Big Boss.” The game is sort of about why Big Bos did what he did in Metal Gear 1 and 2. It is about his dream, which then later explains why Liquid and Solidus did what they did and how it fits in to Big Boss’ dream.

This game is set on the 1960s. You do the math >_>;;