I need help guys...

I started playing breath of fire 3, I know its old but its a habit of mine to play old games, well anyway i think my disc is difected because i am in the part where I have to find that little pet thingie for…momo was it? :thud: yah , in the castle and i cant find here anywhere… :thinking: its driving me crazy, so im hoping atleast 1 of you could help me? :moogle:

You have to follow it down the basement and then up again. I don’t remember the right course.

And for any other problems, besides posting in the right forum, you should check this

Or maybe even: http://alexandria.rpgclassics.com/game.php?game=205 ?

its easier to ask myself than go browsing :moogle: too lazy :boring:

EDIT: im going , hold on

We have an entire forum dedicated to Video Game help you know.

thank you, peirson! finally i can finish this dam game

Not to be rude but three words: Gaming Help Forum

Well I’m gonna go out on a limb and say something no one else did, and that is “We have a gaming help forum.” flashes brilliant smile

Actually I’m just mocking people. Have fun with BoF III, because I rarely did.

ok i get it flashes one back


Can’t you just move the thread to the forum and leave a redirect here?