I need help finding these icons

I found this accidently while looking for the translation of that Troubled Windows song’s lyrics. There are icons for Aragorn and Legolas as well. I saved Legolas’s and Gandalf’s, but there is a problem. When I saw them they were animated, but the ones in my HD only have the first frame. I want to get the animated ones, but I’ve searched for an hour on google and oculdn’t find them.

Does anyone have or know where to get them?

Can you post the Legolas one just so I can um…look at it? Pretty please?

I wanted people to see it only after I’d use it as an avvie. But go check your PM’s, and answer the other one I sent you a few days ago.

Where be the real man, Aragorn?

Stupid question, but did you try redoing that search of those lyrics on the same search engine? Does your computer have trouble saving other animations?

Not what you’re looking for, but interesting maybe? http://home.hetnet.nl/~p-knubben/kinder/handpaint/der_herr_der_ring.htm

http://lotrmiddleearth.blogspot.com/ some kawaii little sprites on the bottom left of the page.

I searched google image search with aragorn and gif, didn’t find something like that pic.

http://members.lycos.co.uk/quazaplat/lotraction/ ahem runs along quickly

Problem is, I don’t remember which words I used for the search. And yes, XP is crappy on saving gifs it seems