i need help finding something

hello i need help finding swords that are in final fantasy 7 - 8 and 10 in real life not the game thank you.

Just in case anyone wants to know why i want the swords well this is why, my friend and i where talking about final fantasy a while back and how awsome whould it be to be in a world like it. but as every on knows thats pretty much impossible so we thought how about a movie bassed on final fantasy not an actuall story line from a game but like the final fantasy games with the hero the friends the arch enemy you should get my point now.so we thought we would need somethng from the game somethng sanifficant so the swords came up i thought it was a great idea so today my friend and i are going to start the writeing procces of it so i wont be onlin for a 2 or 3 days beacuse ill be over his house and he dosent have internet.im not saying that th story is going to be finsihed in 2 or 3 days im just saying ill be over there for that time come back home for a couple of days do some research than go back to his house and continue. so that the reason i need to find these swords or even a sword that would look like it would be infinal fantasy. thank you for takeing your time and reading this also if you have any ideas send them to me


That site aint bad, but none of the stuff i looked at was useable. DO you know of any web sites, besides museum replicas for functional swords ? preferebly in-expensive(not cheap) useable swords.

Thanks theres some good stuff there if anyone else knowss more please reply