I need help against Kurt Ziza on kingdom hearts!


Which ansem?

The ansum when ansem and rikku put together and he uses lots 'o moves. HELP

How do I beat Kurt Ziza? HEEEEEEEEEEELP!! He is so HARD I just RUN AWAY!! :runaway: sO CAN SOMEONE HELP?

I need help against SEPHIROTH!!![/spoiler] He is just so [spoiler]HARD

you mean the second fight with riku in hollow bastion?

if so:
Abalities: dodge roll, super glide, ars arcainum, ragnarok, combo plus/air combo plus (all)
Items: hi potions, elixers,
tatics: try dodge as many attacks as possible, keep moving, summon tinkerbell early on in the battle, use super moves when you can, watch your mp- you may need it for healing.

But bu bu, You cant use summons in that battle!!! and you dont have super glide when you fight him! only in End Of The World You Can Get It.

i thought you got super glide fron never land?
but its ages since i was at that point and ive only just got round to playing the game through a second time

ummm you get glide in never land and you get SUPER GLIDE in endoftheworld…

So many threads when you coulda just made one and put everything into it…sheesh…

you get glide from monstro

no you get super jump from monstro also dumbo but thats off subject.
on beating kurt ziza what stage is he in when you need help?:moogle: