I need console-buying advice. Now.

I’m getting a PS2. No, I won’t wait until the PS3 nor buy anything else, so focus:

Both consoles are worth a fucking human kidney here thanks to my government, so the usual original model PS2 is $1200.

I have a chance of getting the normal model at $900 and I can easily get the thin model at $800 (I know it’s suppsoed to be more expensive but I’m getting it trough a reliable but hardly legal source), but I heard the little one had issues.

Tech support for whatever I buy is arranged, since I got a buddy at my local gaming store and they’ve been repairing my shit with a discount since I was five.

C’mon guys, I need some insight. What do I do?

Tell us what model number the original is, then we can give you advice. SCPH-[whatever]000x.

EDIT: lol tech support, wtf am i talking about.

Ah shit, I really don’t know and I don’t have anyone at hand to ask. I just know that it was one of the first to come out. Forget it then, just tell me about the thin one (SCPH-50001)

Jesus christ. Import a console :stuck_out_tongue:

Look, my money is worth 1/3 or even 1/5 than anyone else’s plus a few other problems my country has with imported goods, this is as cheap as I’m going to get without getting a ticket to some other country and buying it personally.

The slim one is fine, except you lose USB, Firewire, and Expansion bay usage. So no FFXI for you. You also can’t mod it as easily. (or cheaply, for that matter, unless you have 1337-argentinian-modder-friends)

The original, well, like i said, depends on the revision. Unless you can get me a revision, i’m not going to comment.

All in all, i’d say go for the slim. Its bound to be newer, so the laser will have more life in it.

EDIT: Is your money even accepted in purchases out of country? Or would you have to convert your money to USD/Euro to spend it? Jesus, $1200…that fucking sucks dude :stuck_out_tongue:

EDITEDIT: Wait, you’re still getting fucked here…doing the conversion, 1200 Argentine Pesos is over 400 USD. A <i>new</i> slimline costs 170USD. You’re getting ripped man.

That’s okay, I’m not looking for any online gaming anyway and yes, my buddy has 1337 skillz, even though I’m not even likely to need it modded.


EDIT: Oh, I don’t mind. Being a gamer here means getting screwed all the time, so I’m used to it -_-.

Ouch, that sucks man. I’d say to go for the thin one since it is the cheapest one and does most of what theother model does. Unless you want to play FF11 (which you could easily play on your PC and probably for a lower price) or Eyetoy, you don’t really need a USB port (which is what the newer bigger model only has, the older model also had i.Link and stuff). The thin one is also newer so it should last longer. I hope that this helps.

I havea couple friends with thin ones, and they’ve had no trouble with them. I’d say to go with those.

$1,200 for a PS2? Here in Canada, it’s like, not even $200 for a new PS2.

Get it on ebay

I got one on ebay for like 60 bucks (shipping included) that had a Disc read error. I got it at my house sent it to Sony and got it fixed for free so it only ended up costing me like $65. :slight_smile:

Cuz you’re an idiot

Buying hardware on ebay is risky at best. You have to realize they are getting rid of it for a reason which means

A. They are tired of it messing up (as ways probably your case)

B. They got bored of using it in which case it has probably been through a LOT of wear and tear. This is especially bad for the ps2 since many systems have gone bad. PS2 systems going bad has become so prevalent here that people have had to buy replacements causing a shortage of new systems.

So be wary of ebay. AlthoughI’ll say a $65 risk is a lot better than a guaranteed $800.

Thats why you dont just buy it from random ass people, you look for people with positive feedback, and no negatives. And if they sell you shitty stuff, you can probably get your money back, cuz they wont risk getting a negative.

…dude. And I thought over here a real (yes, non-fake) PS2 was expensive. About $100. Want me to send it over? Even with taxes and porto it would be cheaper =p

I was smart about it when I bought it. I contacted the guy and made sure there had never been a mod-chip in it and the warranty hadn’t been voided. I knew sony would fix it for free if it had a Disc read error and it hadn’t been misused.

On a related note, if anyone wants a ultra-cheap PS2, i’ll sell mine for 30 bucks.

I’ve taken it apart a bazillion times, and the drive door doesn’t come out right, and the case doesn’t go on. You need to keep the case off, then turn the system off, open the laser cover, and then insert a disc to play. I use a thesaurus to keep the disc from flying out, it works well. Also, the little power and open button block is hanging out, and is really loose. It usually doesn’t start, because the little ribbon connecting the power button to the system sucks, but if you jiggle it alot, you can get it to start. But the open door button is permanently fucked, but hey, the door doesn’t open anyway. You’ve got to open the laser cover like i said above. The dust cleaner is missing and the layers of the mainboard are laying on top of each other. The power supply isn’t even hooked in, i just lay it on the drive to keep the CD in, extra weight doesn’t hurt. Oh! And the entire front of it is scratched up because i tried to take a dremel to it and cut the front faceplate off. I failed and fucked up the outside of it though.

Otherwise it works fine. 30 bucks is a damn good deal too.


Thanks, but even if you actually meant that it would mean too much trouble to you and making my mother understand that not everyone in the internet is a scammer/pedophile is a task I fear I’m not up to.

You need to tell your mom? I’d be just like “yeah bought a PS2 in walmart it was on promotion kthx” or something. :stuck_out_tongue: