I need a new pair of pants

Holy shit

Just like in the title,I need a new pair of pants,I really can’t wait for this.



Ohhh Yeah!!

It doesn’t say what system it will be for. I wonder if they swithched it with Makai Wars.

That being said, this abosolutely orgasmic.

Rust Monsters shall rain with glee.

yea I’d like to know what system it is for too. That’s the kind of game that can be a console war deal breaker

http://www.gamespot.com/news/2005/09/28/news_6134627.html Hope it helps

My day just got even better by reading this.

Not really, it mentions a Playstation magazine but doens’t say PS2, PS3, or PSP.

PS2 is quite proberble, I know that PS1 games where coming out for the first time when you could get a PS2.

I’m just thinking that if NIS moved Makai Wars to PS3, they may want to substitute it by making Disgaea 2 for the PSP.

If it’s for PS2 the Translation Team must have to work fast before a US or Even A UK release… I predict the amounts of new PS2 games have will dropped by the time of UK’s possible date.

PSP/PS3, I think Is quite Possible, Other that I’d like to see how one get’s Disagea’s veiw wide screen with all the same Info.

There’s an ADel in dark cloud 2 that’s a girl, and Adol in Ys

I think Adel was also one the name of an evil sorceressin FFVIII.