I need a heads up.

I have to do a 15-18 page research project for English that we have a month to complete, including and outline, several drafts, an abstract, an Table of contents, and 130+ notes with 12+ source. I was wondering if it is this ridiculous in college, or even at other high schools.

Tough, but not ridiculous, though it depends on the topic. What is the topic?

I got lucky and ended up with Leonardo da Vice, which isn’t that hard. Others in my class, however, ended up with bizzare thing like"the dark women of Shakespeare" or “Elizabethan banquets” or other subjects that I’m sure there is barely enough info to get 10 pages on.

Thats insane. For a 15 year old, I’d assume grade 10, thats way too much. After a year of college I hadn’t even come close to making an essay even half that long.

I’m actually 16 now, I need to change that, but I still agree its rediculous. I’ve been going to private, college prep school fpr most of my life, this is my forst yeat in a public school, and I STILL think it ridiculous.

Wow. Shit. That’s insane. Longest research paper I had to write in high school was about 8 pages, and it was on Mobutu Sese Seko. But 130+ pages of notes? What does that mean? I mean, what does your teacher constitute as notes? I’m assuming that doesn’t mean 130 pages of written notes but rather sources…

Sorry, not notes, note cards. You know, indes cards. But the teacher wanted about 3 facts on each card, which is about 390 notes. We only had a week and a half to do those cards too. I’m actually on the Rough draft section write now, it;s due tomarrow.

Wow, that sucks. My teacher wanted us to do 50 cards in a week, but she let us get by with one sentence per card. My cards wound up with the same facts from five different sources. We don’t even have to do a research paper this year, I could do a powerpoint or video instead. If I did write the paper it would only have to be 5 pages long. Good luck with that.

Jesus christ. All the research papers I’ve had to do had to be between 5-9 pages. And you’re in public school? That’s mad.

Whee, time to brag. Every paper that I hand in has to be handwritten, so each page I do is ½ of a common printer-design page. Still, I had to do a 30 (15) pages-long essay for History last year as well as a, as some might remember, 160 (80) pages-long essay about the Olympics as a punishment for missing six classes in a row of PE (My dad had just passed away, silly me for thinking that was a plausible reason). I had a month for doing both. The SAME month. Beat that.

Nope, can’t top that.

Thanks, but I need to present it in class, also. This teacher is nuts.

She constanly reminds us how its “advanced” english, but some people write there stuff like they’re talking on the internet or in ebonics(yes, they failed.)

Well, if they failed, then it may very well still be an English class.

I know the feeling in its lesser form, I had to write a 10-pager in Middle School, which while not as bad as your instance, is amplified by being earlier in my life. I can offer the following bits of advice;

For notetaking, take everything that is remotely applicable, even if its a stretch, and write it as a note. Those can fill up faster than you think if you aren’t too picky. You don’t actually have to use them all in the paper itself, do you? Usually I don’t need to have them all in.

Pages go by a hell of a lot faster than you may think. Maybe its the fact that I have a few research papers behind me, but I find that I can fill up pages pretty damn quickly. Sometimes, I can get a page done in just half an hour. If you have an entire month to do this, this should be no problem.

Sources… those can be tricky, I’ll admit. How much do you need to draw from each? My last couple of English teachers were merciful, one of them only needed one fact from each source, and another said that if its a large book that miraculously turned out to be useless (maybe its not quite what you were looking for, for example I was doing a paper on NASA and how it shouldn’t have its funding cut, and its history, I got a big book that was just a glorified flier for the tourism element), we didn’t need any facts, just a sing we still looked, and it’d pass.

Be wary of the internet, the only place that works is the official site of the topic in question. Does Leonarda de Vice have an official web page? Anywhere else, with the exception of places that are directly linked and sponsored by the official site, you may want to rule out.

And most importantly, 2 things relating to timing; do NOT do it all at once, do not procrastinate. But, that’ll be tough to do if you have to make drafts, wouldn’t it?
Second, do not try to finish one of those components before starting another. Even if you only have 30 notes, try making a page of the main paper. I find I can preserve a lot of sanity if I do that.

Hooooly shit.

The longest research paper I ever wrote in high school was 30 pages from introduction to the last appendix. It was a History on Display project, where you chose a person or a time period and did a report on it. I chose the Three Kingdoms Era because that’s sort of a thing for me. It only had to be a minimum of 10 pages, so naturally I got an A… but wow. 130 notecards? THAT is the most insane part right there.

I never really got the whole idea of teachers wanting to see your notes, your rough drafts, and everything. If the final product is what you asked for, then who gives a shit what preceded it? I swear some teachers are just stupid.

Well, research papers involve research, so they want to see at least some evidence that you actually researched your topic.

The thing is though, that if you do the 130 note cards, you should have ample material for your paper. Once you get the outline done, it really just becomes a matter of filling in the space between each point.

Jesus H. Christ…I never had to write something like that in any of my classes…not even Lit O_O

When you say including outline, title page, etc. Do you mean that those pages make up part of the 15-18 pages?

That sounds like standard IBO requirements. If they are, I feel your pain.

I just finished my Rough Draft # 1. Holy bananas. I’m tired now.

Dude, I’m totally switching schools with one of you people. oO I thought that was normal. I get like 10 sheet essays all the time. o.o Most of my assignments are presentations though.

Fuck. I never had to do that long of a paper in high school. Of course, I never did my term papers anyways.