I need a friend!

Now that I have your attention… (totally lame request to follow)

I’m signing up for the Dragon Quest 8 demo, and I really, really want one of those free slime keychains that a person can get by referring a friend. However, my RL friends have either XBox or Gamecube systems. :\ Not a PS2 person in the bunch. A shame, isn’t it?

Will someone please by my friend for five minutes, offer a name and e-mail address, and sign up for the demo through my referral e-mail? :smiley: Pretty please? :smiley:

Will I get spammed? I dont want people farming my email adress

I live in Canada. (for once this is bad. ;_; )


I’ll do it if I can get a slime keychain as well.

Yeah, I want the demo. You should be able to find my email and name easily enough.

I want a free demo and slime key chain too. :frowning:

All right, I referred Epic. He’s an awesome friend. :smiley:
I’d like to send a big thank you to everyone who wants to be my friend as well… it’s nice to get some love, even if it involves bribery with a free chunk of a game.

I’ll be your friend!

…now I need another friend, so I can get a keychain.

Edit: Oh, fudge it. That’s what I get for letting the page sit for ten minuts and not replying.

You get love from some of us… it’s just hard to some of us express it correctly.


I’m referring 984, yeah.

I’ve started a slime keychain of friendship! My first bandwagon…

(why am I so proud of this?)

I referred SG. Bug him for a referral. >.>

“Here’s a dollar. Thanks for nothing”



I want a slime key-chain…It’ll go great with my slime controller…

Can anyone please post a link to the site where you can sign up? And I’m curious to see if this free slime keychain promotion is only available in USA or if it’s in all of North America.

Click me!

This is a link to the main site, which isn’t yet completed. There are links to the demo request page and the promotional tour dates which open new pages.

I’m really not sure about restrictions within North America; I would think that there wouldn’t be any since we’re on the same region encoding, but I could always be wrong.

Only in USA. They only allow you to select the state for the shipping address.

I love you, Vicki. I want to father your children. Slime children, we shall call them.

I’m sorry, but I made her laugh today. That means she loves me more.