I need a firewall

Right now. Something free. Windows ME. Please give me a link, I am being bombarded with shit. I had etrust firewall until I shut it down for a sec and now it wont let me load it, nor will it let me uninstall. Not even in safe mode. So I am freaking out. HELP PLLEEEEEASE.

<a href = “http://download.zonelabs.com/bin/free/1012_zl/zlsSetup_55_062_004.exe”>ZoneAlarm</a>

Get rid of ME, seriously. Pirate a copy of XP or NT, or whatever. Anything but ME. And you’ll find that most software firewalls (especially free ones), don’t really give you too much protection. Hardware firewalls are really the way to go.

Thanks Cless. And Dev, I don’t know the difference. I know I need to get rid of ME. I had to reboot and shut off my computer over 10 times in the last 2 hours. I am so frigging sick of this machine.

I just have so much stuff…how do I back everything up? Will reformating affect my internet connection?

Reformating means a complete wipeout. So yeah, you’ll have to install a new browser.

The internet connection will probably be automatically reconfigured when you install the new version of windows. You shouldn’t have to set anything up. However, my only experience is with broadband. I have never had to set up dialup on a windows machine, so i don’t know how that works. (i’m assuming it is a broadband connection, though).

And on the topic of moving stuff, you can really only move your documents, your programs will have to be redownloaded. I usually just burn all my documents to a DVD, and then copy them to the new system when i’ve finished installing it. You could use CDs too, if you don’t have a DVD burner. You just might need more than one. Just make sure you get everything, once you format the drive, you’re taking your harddrive to bare-metal (blank), so there is no way to get it back.

Short of formatting, couldn’t you just run some spyware programs, or virus scanners? Maybe even check the registry for shit you know you didn’t put there? (maybe you’ve already done this, just checking).

I know how much it sucks to have this happen, i’ve been there D:.

EDIT: Oh yea. A firewall is just something that sits in between your computer, and the internet. A hardware firewall is better, because (in laymens terms) it scans pretty much <i>everything</i> that goes over your connection. (it checks the headers of the packets, to make sure the source is safe, according to rules for “safe” that you set. but you don’t really need to know all that). A software firewall doesn’t do that, it just attempts to block other people or programs from gaining access to your machine. However, since there are many other ways for your system to be attacked, they’re not to great. Also, they only protect the computer (and sometimes user) they are installed to, so they might not give protection to an entire network.

That’s why we don’t use Windows… HATE anything for it. LINUX ALL THE WAY!!!