I must have dreamed this game up...

I can’t remember the title of a addicting little rpg I played on the psx. I thought it was the Legend of Mana but I was so wrong.

What I remember about the game:
The main character is a boy or young man (I think his name is Alex) and the world he lives in has gone to crap. I recall that you find a room and in it is a bunch of tables that fit puzzle pieces. Once you find some of the pieces and complete a puzzle the kid gets transported back in time to one of the towns where he helps out the folk and gets transported back to the present. When he goes back to that town it no longer sucks. The battle system was pretty simple and the graphics weren’t great but is was fun.

I searched everywhere on the net trying to figure out what the title is with no luck. I beg of you to please help.

I’m not sure, but that sounds a lot like Dragon Warrior 7.

Looking over the DW7 faq, it has to be. You are awesome Dude! Thanks.