I must be crazy...

Anyone here remember Gunbound? Well, after almost a year, I’ve picked it up again.

I am a very sick man.

Is there anyone else around here down with the sickness at the moment? I could use someone to play with besides the fishhead majority.

I think dt (not DT) is the only one who plays consistenly, but even he left the game for EVE. We go through fads with the game though, every few months someone will be like “hey, anyone up for GB?” then we all redownload the game, play for one night (maybe less), then realize it sucks and uninstall it again.

So damn you for starting that cycle over again :stuck_out_tongue:

I completed my costume set sup

I used to play a bit, but… nah. Don’t think my comp likes it, either.

The fun part was never having to buy any gear, because you were all such generous gentlemen :kissy:

Liar, it was me and 984 that started back up again, and that was because of someone mentioning it. I only played when I could find one of you to play with because pubbies are retards.

We stopped playing because dt got banned. Had he stayed in the chat, I’m sure him and me would’ve bullied Sal and others to play still.

Yeah, the fad would have stayed had I not been an asshole and told Manus to shut up everytime he talked. Also, talking to rirse gets me in trouble too.