I most likely won't be posting anymore...

It was suggested that I get a Livejournal for this stuff; and I will be getting one right after I make this post, but this topic isn’t all about my relationship. Not all of it. Maybe the most of it, but this is really just a topic exclaiming how my life has changed, and how much it’s going to suck in the future. And, how my life will totally take up all my time, and I’ll be at a loss to make posts here. If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t made many posts lately. I’ve been exclusing to many only 5 topics, and’d make about 2 posts daily.

Okay. Today marks the 15th day of my relationship with my girlfriend, Rachel. This is all I’ve been talking about lately, so this isn’t news to most of you. But, I’d like to go over a few things which I find important, and I’ll ask questions which I’d hope some of you will have the courtesy of answering. I’m new to relationships, so I don’t know everything about them.

On Thursday, the 13th day; I had theorized on what will happen prior to the day starting. Thirteen is the unlucky number in some religion or belief. I’m not superstitious, but I was just taking precaution. On Sunday I had $80. On Thursday, I had $5. School went okay, nothing new: dodging rumors, and teasing. At lunch, we (Rachel and I) decided to go to the nearby diner and eat something. I didn’t want to spend my $5.

I offered to buy her lunch (and killing the opportunity for me to have lunch myself), and I kind of hoped she’d say no. She said okay, so I ended up buying her a bag of candy, a drink, and a microwaveable pita. Sure, she shared some of it with me; but I was kind of hungry afterwards. We sat in the park for lunch, and just hung out. The park isn’t that far from school, maybe 1 block. Some other students started to come by us, and one of them saw us kissing and well, doing stuff. We made them promise not to tell. My school is also totally against smoking; so they asked us to promise, in return, to not tell the school that they are smoking during lunch hour.

We agreed to not tell, and we just continued to kiss. I started to walk back to school, and Rachel kind of ran up to me, and grabbed me. Trying to stop me from leaving. I didn’t make a formal exit, I just kind of got up and left. I kind of pushed her off of me softly, making sure not to hurt her, and continued walking. She went back to sit down with the other students.

I came back afterwards, because I felt bad for leaving Rachel there; and she just seemed kind of distant from that point on. The day continued normally.

After school, we agreed to go home together. This is where the horrible thirteen thing kind of popped up. This was probably the moment that scared me the most in my life; to the point where I thought my relationship would die. She openly told me that I was kind of distant today. And I inquired why. She didn’t respond. She then got up, and sat on my lap, facing me, on the TTC, in public. I was puzzled, yet anxious. I asked her; “what are you doing?”. She said I was very mean of saying that, and got up, sat down across from me, and told me to go home. I told her that was not an option, and I told her I’d never leave her. She started tearing up then, and said that she’s tired of this bullshit, and that she is under heavy stress with keeping this a relationship a secret from the world. She got up, and sat beside me then.

She said that I wasn’t being romantic enough; and that I always seem unhappy. I asked her if she wanted me to change, and that I will if she wanted me to; and she just asked me to be more romantic. What does this mean? How would one become more romantic? I’m kind of new to this?

We agreed to tell everyone the following day; the 14th day, the 2-week anniversary. But, on the same day, we went up to her mother, and told her. We’d do so for her father as well, but he wasn’t home. Her mom said she was surprised, and said that it’s okay. She actually encourages this. She said I’d be a great boyfriend. Her father, who found out afterwards, wasn’t too keen on it; and hasn’t spoken to Rachel since then. After I went home, I told my parents. They said they were cool with it, as long as sex wasn’t involved; and that we didn’t tell the school.

The next day. 14th day. I told one of my staff at the school. What a big fucking mistake. But, this staff was unique. He didn’t believe in this no-relationship rule, and said he’d talk with the superior staff about this; and “go to bat for me”. I regret telling him entirely. But, it wouldn’t have mattered. After I told him, Rachel came into school, and said she was going to tell the staff anyways as well. And if she didn’t, her mom would tell the school at noon; which they did. We told all the students in our class… well, didn’t tell them. We kind of kissed right in the middle of class. We stood up, and kissed; and watched all the reactions we’d got. By this time, all the staff around us knew.

The school asked us to cool it down a bit, and said that this relationship is okay, as long as we don’t kiss, hug, hold hands, or show any other public displays of affection. Whoops. Kind of late for that now. As we walked home after school, I decided to buy her some Manchi Wok, and Kernel’s Popcorn, and just headed home. We went down to her station, and hung out for a while. While we were hanging out, we were just talking about how relieved we were, and we did fool around a bit. I called her Misses Scott, to see her reaction. Holy fuck. Worst choice, ever. Scott is my last name. She didn’t have that bad of a reaction, but she didn’t seem too excited about it either. I then went home.

Upon arriving, my parents didn’t greet me home, and it’s been kind of tense since I got here. They said we’d have a long discussion. The school contacted my parents, about how we were kissing in class. And, they are pretty pissed at me. I had planned to go to Rachel’s house tomorrow, but I don’t think I’ll be going. When I phoned her house, her brother picked up, and said she wasn’t there. It’s been 1 hour since then, and no phone call back yet. I’m kind of nervous.

I am planning to ask Rachel to marry me when she is of legal age tomorrow; but I’ll be unable to do that if she doesn’t phone, and we can actually plan something. I need lot’s of luck from you <s>loser noobs with no relationship</s> guys, and I really need that call. D: ! Any pointers, or stuff not to say?

Oh, and about my not posting anymore; I don’t think I’ll post anymore after this post; I might just make a LJ, and link it in my sig here. I know all of you will be happy to hear this.

edit; erhm, what is the legal age of marriage in Canada? >_>

If you are thinking of marrying Rachel already, then you need a reality check.

But I do recommend trying to be more romantic with your girlfriend: it adds spice a relationship.

And what kind of school do you attend which forbids open displays of affection?

…Setz. Seriously.
DON’T DO IT! Normally I don’t interfere with others lives, cause I don’t have the right. But honestly man.
You’ve being going out two and a half weeks and she didn’t seem that enthused at the idea of being your wife. Really man, there’s a limit to this stuff. You yourself said the relationship has been going over rocky ground, at the VERY LEAST, wait until it smooths out before even THINKING about whether or not you’re going to ask her to marry her.
Also, your school SUCKS! No open displays of affection?! What the hell sort of a shit-head made up THAT rule.

Thanks for sharing! :cool:

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume you’re joking about the marriage thing. If not, then you really need a fucking reality check. Keep this thinking process up, and you’re fucked. And not in the good way.

oh man oh man

It’s sixteen with consent from legal guardians. You’ll need bloody good luck to get it. You’re not nearly old and mature enough to handle the truths about life and relationships, certainly not one as serious as marriage, and certainly not as long as you feel the need to post about them on the Internet. Wait until you’re at least twenty-one, when there’s a chance you’ll have at the very least some miniscule grasp on what the future’ll be like and at least some sort of experience to view the world through: don’t make your life and hers amount to a dull number in a dull statistic in an equally dull application before you’ve even started living it.

I’m not one to interfere in the affairs of others, but you seem to enjoy throwing your dirty laundry into the street, and you can’t blame someone for looking over and commenting on the huge shit-stain you have in your underwear.

First mistake: Pushing her away. I don’t quite get why you shoved her away from you without even saying goodbye, but that’s just me. Pushing her away kinda says “get away. I don’t like you.”
Second mistake: Saying the word “never.” You don’t say it unless you can be so completely absolutely positive of what you’re saying. You rarely can ever say it, due to the fact that the world is not under your control.
Third: Kissing in class. That just kinda screams “look at me! I’m a perfect target! Make an example of me!”
Also, do you go to a private school? I’m not sure they can be so overtly powerful in the area of relationships, seeing as there’s such a thing as outside of the school relationships. Unless you’re the one that concatenated the rules into “no relationships.” I can understand the “no PDA” rule, but other than that…
Fourth: Even joking about marriage. That’s a huge ass mistake unless you know the girl you’re with is into it. Basically you wait until she mentions something that serious. Marriage is a hugely serious thing. Don’t fuck around with it.
Fifth: (going out of order) ‘Fooling around.’ This is more of a personal thing, but I think such stuff cheapens the relationship by putting it into a physically-based, rather than emotionally important, experience during everyday life. It’s definitely cool to do it, but you seem to be doing it quite recklessly.

As for the marriage proposal… I’m quite sure you should definitely give it more thought than a passing fancy. I guess you can go ahead and do it if you wish, but going by her initial reaction to the idea of marrying you… eh… I think you may be a bit, to put it stupidly, fucked. I think, personally, she may be with you to validate herself, or some such. Then again, the mention of romantics could indicate she’s willing to be with you for awhile, so long as you can be sappy as hell, and enjoy it. Being sappy/corny and hating it is definitely not the way to be in a relationship. I just think you need to mature a bit more before you can definitely find yourself something serious.

Thanks for sharing, now get the fuck out.

Romantic= calling her cute pet names, getting her favorite flowers occasionly, little notes saying how she’s important to you in someplace only she would find them, cards, long walks on short piers sorry meant on the beach, maybe something she’s been wanting like a cd or poster, look into her eyes and say how purty she is just lay down next to her no gropage, trip to zoo or someplace, watch a movie holding each other, stuffed animals…

Just ask her what would be romantic to her. If she doesn’t like being called Mrs. Scott, she probably doesn’t want to be. You are 16, get some love experience in before you ask a girl to marry you. How about making sure the relationship lasts past a year or two and don’t have arguements at least once a week with the girl you want to propose to. Consider do you really want to be married to this girl for the rest of your life? Marriage doesn’t save a failing relationship either, hope you know that.

That’s not very nice :frowning:

And I know if anyone asked me to marry them after a few weeks… I would laugh. And then probably cry out of how stupid they’d be to ask… in love or not.

Aren’t you in a pickle there Setz, i feel sorry for ya there buddy, i agree with knight boy, what kind of school is that? I mean our school is a christain school, and they let things like holding hands slip. After reading that looooooong story, my advice is kinda like knights, try to be romantic, if u can, they do have videos out there you know. Any way, marrying her, man, it will only bring more chaos, i mean wait a little longer, like actually get to know her more than 15 days. The more u wait, the more you get to know her. I mean, she might not be what you expected. Well, i am the same age as you, well at least thats what ur profile thingy says, any way, and i havent had a relationship like yours, so you are luckier than me…well i hope, and whats with all the journal crap? Well, hopefully u make good decisions from now on. Thats all i have to say. Sorry if i didnt help you.

Later Setz

If you’re going to troll, do it properly. gtfo.

Oh! Ohhhh!! Ohhhawwwaahhhhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Telling the school was an incredibly bad idea. Rachel phoned me about a half hour ago, and said that the school told her parents to forbid any contact between us inside school, and outside school. We can’t hang out at lunch, and I can’t go to her house/her come to my house. We can’t walk home. We can’t hang out during free periods. I mean, what the fuck? They’ve already taken my award away because of this, took the counsellor job away, and now they fuck it royally by seperating us until school ends?

I’m tolly having a huge discussion about this on Monday, and I will risk education to help solve this.

Thanks for ruining my Sunday, fucking dicks at school.



Everyone above me has already expressed my exact thoughts on this, so I just have one little thing to add:

For some reason I just suddenly began to love this girl too.

Great, ok, thats fantastic. Fire that new LJ up and give it a test-run.

No i think you fucked up your own sunday with your stupid public display of affection in class. You knew how they were and the schools called before that happened too right?