I miss Epic :(

Where the hell is he!? >:(

Are we going to start bitching about every person that doesn’t feel like dropping in for about a fricking week?

He’s dead. Cause of death: too much cowbell. :frowning:

I shot Epic, but I did not shoot his deputy.

Ass, I went three weeks without anyone unimportant noticing, and you had to go RUIN it by making this thread the day I come back.

How incredibly ironic.

Meh, you’re just one of The 984’s droids.

< Cherry_Blossom > Well I’ll be glad to inform you that no one made a fucking “I miss Epic” thread

Epic made me pregnant =(

Epic was just on a road trip, with a talking Great Dane, going across the country solving mysteries


Oh god, not another Mpreg… I refuse to help at the delivery. Sorry Shinobi.