I might be a geek, but I'm a geek with STYLE.

I personally would have taken Setzer’s theme, but still, a beautiful dicision, and some amazing work you’ve done in the name or gamers everywhere. Hat’s off to you VE.

You should have graduated to Real American, you dolt!

We didn’t get themes when we graduated, but we did have this class where students were allowed to bring in their favourite albums and we’d listen to one a week while we worked. Everyone else chose the popular rock and rap music that they like, and I was the odd one out for bringing the Donkey Kong Country OST. 8P

I did a very simple thing when I graduated from HS: I didn’t go. I refuse to recognize the lack of importance of something as idiotic, meaningless and worthless as a High School degree. To call graduating from High School an achievement is like saying you lost your virginity when you came prematurely when you dropped your pants in front of a girl for the first time.


Yeah. I should’ve. Or Ted DiBiase’s theme.

Everybody’s got a price. Everybody’s gonna pay. Cause the Milion Dollar Man, ALWAYS gets his way. Muwahahahahahahahaha. Money money money money moneeeeeey.

OK, first of all… COOL! Not that I gave much importance to my high school graduation or anything, but that was a touch of style on your part.

And Sin… falls off chair That’s a good one! :booster:

That’s great Sin. :stuck_out_tongue:

For some reason this: <img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/redcomet/wank.gif”> came to mind when I read that. :open_mouth:

That’s awesome, Val.

I wish I could do something like that.

Sin, as much as High School graduation was meaningless to me (I had already been going to college for three semesters by the time I was out of HS), I am going to argue about its generalized meaninglessness.

There were a lot of people who graduated with me that knew that was as far as they were ever going to make it. High School was farther than any of their relatives had completed, and the farthest point that their progeny would make for generations to come.

For some of us, high school didn’t even add up in total worth to a month-old pile of shit, but for some poeple, it was their crowning achievement. As fucking sad as that is, I respect it. Don’t forget that you are going a helluva lot further in life than many poeple are even allowed to attempt to get to.

You rock Val,very much too,I still remember my graduation,I truly hated it,the only good part of it is that a girl I have known for a long time was nice enough to come see the graduation and give me a present.But is good to see that you seem to be very exited about it.

The purpose of getting your own grad song is to look totally awesome, correct? You should honor that purpose by actually looking awesome. You can go on following the false pre-supposition that my words are truth’s anti-thesis, and inevitably make a fool of yourself, or you can actually look totally awesome by choosing a song that won’t get the only people who recognize it to laugh at you for being the biggest geek alive.

Like I said, I recommend Canned Heat by Jamiroquai, or any Rage song. I mean come on now, people aren’t going to sit there and sway to the FFIV prelude. They wanna rock out. I’ve seen enough high school talent shows to know that they wont pay attention at all if you play a slow, quiet song. If you wanna make the bang you said you were aiming for, play “Renegades” by Rage or something along those lines.

Maybe if this was a normal high school, then fine, yeah, you might have a point. But it’s not- it’s my high school. Which (as I’ve mentioned several times both on the Boards and in the chat) is somewhat smaller than most other high schools, and most of the seniors graduating are appreciative of great music, so while they probably won’t recognize the theme, they’ll still realize how effin’ beautiful it is, and see how great I am for bothering to get my own song played.

Even if it WAS a normal high school, hades, I wouldn’t listen to you, because it’s hard to take anyone who has an avatar of the Moonlight Knight seriously.

It’s not like they are going to play the whole song anyway, it’s just a five minute thing that, as Sin said, doesn’t really mean shit and I doubt anyone will even know what the song is from anyway.

EDIT: Too late.

Bitch, the Moonlight Knight is HARDCORE!!!

The only theme songs at my graduation were the ones playing in my head… which was “We Are the Champions” because it seemed oddly appropriate to me. And because Queen fucking rocks.

As for the importance of the high school diploma… well. That depends. It was important to me because it meant I could finally get my bitch-ass out of Hicksville, Western State. Which was, and still is, the only thing have to look forward to in life. Not living in Hicksville, Western State. :boring:

Cool idea Val.

its hard to take someone who openly declares the Used to be their favorite musicians seriously about anything.

Can you actually defend your stance, Sil? Because I have a hard time believing that after what I’ve seen of your mental capacity.

Time out, kids.

Anyway Val, sounds cool, and yes, very geeky. I kind of wish i cared enough about my high school graduation but I don’t =D