I might be a geek, but I'm a geek with STYLE.

After nearly a month of playing phone tag with my high school principal, clearing some matters with the school board, and generally sucking up to everyone possible, I just received confirmation on something I’ve been dreaming about for about a year.

See, ever since last year, I’ve toyed idly with the thought of graduating with a bang- maybe not a literal bang, but wouldn’t be surrpised if I did. So I spent some time wondering what would be the best way to leave an impression on anyone attending- and decided that a song was the best way, since it offered the least chance of setting fire to anything of all the options I’d considered. For about a month, I spent my time, thinking of a song to play that both fit my particular way of life, would leave a definite lasting impression on everyone, and wouldn’t result in at least one angry parent complaining. I didn’t know what to do, until I’d talked with DG one day, and he sent me something so beautiful, it brought a tear to my eye. And the symbolism was perfect, too, since it was first composed back in 1987, the year I was born.

This June, when I graduate from High School, As I walk up to receive my diploma, I’ll be doing so with the Orchestral rendition of Final Fantasy by Nobuo Uematsu playing in the background. I think I’ve just about reached my peak of loserdom for this.

Questions? Comments? Accusations that I’m just bullshitting you all? Claims that this isn’t all that original and it’s been done before? I’m interested in hearing them all.

This rocks. Seriously.

Yes you are a geek, and damn right you got style :stuck_out_tongue:

If there is any chance of getting a video of that I’d like to see it. I think it’s an awesome idea, I wonder if they’d let me put Prelude when I graduate…

So what? I graduated to the theme of the Macho Man Randy Savage.

I’m going to make a complete ass of myself but exactly which theme is Final Fantasy? I know it plays in almost all games but it’s not named as such in the soundtracks (And I really don’t feel like going trough the old games trying to figure that out).

Go pay FFIV- it’s the theme that plays as you leave Baron in the beginning.

I always thought it’d be cool to play the Highwind song from FF7 at a party or something. But there were never enough FFers there to appreciate it. In fact I really don’t know very few. Well, besides here.

That’s it, thanks.

Highwing at a party? It’s not exactly a song to play on a party, you’d be better off with anything from the first “The Black Mages”.

I didn’t really mean party, so much as social gathering. At a party, I get my freak on yo.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/hero/rirse.gif”> That is cool Val, even so I never got a chance to have my own theme play at my high school graduation. ;_;

Psh, you should have just gotten the victory music. At least people would have known what it was from.

At my graduation, I was the last to go up. I tried to say “That’s all, folks!” into the microphone, but I don’t think it was really heard.

VE Acquires 1x Diploma!

Seriously…that rocks. I just got sucky generic graduation music. :stuck_out_tongue:

man you guys get graduation music? like for each person? fuck there was just the school band class playing some lame boring songs for mine… although there was some piano pieces that were fuckin sweet.

Rulage, Val! hugs Val Very nice.

No,no. Everyone gets Pomp and Circumstance at the end. but a few kids are so damn awesome (like me) that a few teachers wanted to say specific things about them. I’m the only one who gets a theme song.

whoa, that is nerdy.

I just got some beer from the teachers when I graduated.

I don’t drink.

If I saw some kid graduating to the FF theme I’d think he was a goddamned loser. Now, “Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai, on the other hand…

Glad to hear you say that, hades, since it just convinces me even more that this will be fucking awesome.