I might as well join in on this type of thread

So, what does everyone think of me? I want every reply to be as brutally honest as possible.

I don’t know the hell you are.

Hard for me to judge since I don’t actually know you, but so far: meh you 'aint a bitch, you 'aint a saint, that’s all i know at the moment. Need more info.

You haven’t really been around long enough for me to form any opinions of you.

You seem like a nice person. I don’t know you too well to judge, but none the less you seem like a good person.

Your a cool person to be around. That’s all.

Again, ¿Quién el infierno es usted? <----(JOKE) Don’t know you enough.

You’re mortal: With all the disadvantages therein. Actually: I have no clue as to who you are. All I can conclude is that you are a copycat: And this thread is the evidence.

Don’t know you but you seem like a cool person

Everybody here is cool. Until you get to know them, that is :stuck_out_tongue:

yes that’s true looks right at Dantefury