I made a raccoon pee today.

And two days ago, too. It’s one of the things i have to do whilst working at a wildlife rehabilitation centre for a summer class Im taking. it’s quite fun. I get all of the shitty jobs, but a future vet tech gotta start somewhere’s, right?

Anyways, raccoons are so precious when they are tiny and you can cuddle them and then their bowels let go. Then they’re NOT precious.

Actually the meaning of this post is pass on the message for you guys to consider donating at your local SPCA/wildlife centre! Animals are so joyous. cooes Don’t abuse them, please.

Shit dude. I really want to read your post, but im only walking by my computer on the way to get some string. I was tying some firecrackers to a horses tail and ran out of it.

Sorry =\

I had to fight a racoon that broke in to my house with a sword once. I scared it to death, and then had to lock it in a bathroom that it utterly destroyed until animal control could come. Racoons piss me off and are very nasty.

You have no idea how low my jaw dropped until it dawned upon me that you’re just being a big stinker, Devillion.

EDIT: Yes. yes and they are messy little shitters. But but when they’re little…;_;

one time i went ot dairy queen to gets some ice cream (obviosly)
anyway it was a warm night so i ate my ice cream out side.
when i went to throw away the paper they put on the cones i noticed that the trash can was making a scratching noise. it turns out there was a racoon stuck inside the trashcan. so i took the led off the trash can to get a better look at it.

im thinking to myself “aww its so cute”

then the racoon squeeled loudly and jumped onto my face and started scratching.

it took about 5 minutes to get that thing off. :moogle:

Stop it, you’re all proving that raccoons aren’t cute!

Yes yes I agree completely. They’re big garbage diggers. But the more garbage they eat, the less that gets dumped into the ocean, ha ha ha.

I can honestly see I haven’t seen any raccoons since… I was about 6 or so. And I don’t remember what they were like on either end.


But yea, those things are cute. But then they grow up to eat your garbage cans =.

squirrels are cute too, those things are all over my yard. They’re so cool. I got one to play with me once. I gave it a peanut and it followed me around for a few days. Eventually it got bored, but it was cool while it lasted.

They never approach me unless I have good in my hands. I always name squirrels or chipmunks I see, Numbnuts. I always giggle.

You might enjoy keeping a pet rat or mouse.

It’s one of my goals to tame a squirrel as a pet.

O. M. G. :open_mouth:

The EXACT same thing happened to me! Like when I was 6 or 7. Only it was with a squirrel, but like, I was walking along in the park with my mom and the sun was setting, I think I was even eating an ice cream cone or a creamsicle or something, so I threw a wrapper in the trash and heard some scritching, so I looked back inside and this squirrel JUMPED out and clawed me a BUNCH of times all over my face. I had to get stitches. :open_mouth:

Man, that’s creepy, that it’s happened to someone else. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoah! Where did it get a sword?

Got hit in the face repeatedly with the back side and sides, I wasn’t out to kill it, just scare/beat the living shit out of it so it wouldn’t come back. I wasn’t going to screw with it too much it only had 1 eye and was taller than a door knob so I knew it was a badass racoon.

I WORK at my local wildlife center. I clean up/feed the rabbits and the prairie dog. As you can imagine, that’s a fun job. :slight_smile:

Aww you’re my idol. Good for you. I’m not so much as a volunteer, cuz I actually do shift work and get to do things that volunteers can’t. So I do all the hard stuff but I don’t get paid for it -_-;;

Only thing <i>I</i> ever got attacked by was a hedgehog. =P Bit my pants at the knee and wouldn’t let go until eventually I had swung it around enough to send it flying. I don’t know if we even have raccoons around here…

One time on vacation in Florida me and my family were at the hotel pool and there was a racoon there and it pee’d in my sisters shoes, it was funny and my sister started to cry once she found out why her shoe was warm and wet.

Stop scaring the animals so much!
I leave food out for the hedgehogs, do that count?