I love this bunny. He rocks!!!!!

I now have respect for white bunnys with katanas. I saw this, and it rocked my world.
CLick on the bunny pic twice.

That bunny kicks can. I prolly would have been smart and not taken his carrot.

They have two more of those on Newgrounds. It was made by these two Finnish kids in college. Impressive though it’s mostly influenced by those Madness flash things.

Usagi says: “I’m not amused.”

lol, i love the maddness games and flash things. I love the violence and the whole im a cute bunny is funny, cuz he like murders what people would think are cute and cudely, and he is one of them. He rocks!!!

I love that series!

My introduction to Usagi Yojimbo: Teenage mutant ninja turtles, when they made some kind of dimensional portal, and brought usagi in from another dimension.

Oh shit! I remember that episode. That was so fucking awesome.
I did not, however, know that Usagi was a real series :\

Damn its been a long time since I have seen Usagi lol

Oh joy. Gore.

And theres a kickback to that episode in one of his books. To help him fight some ninjas, he has a wiseman turn a bunch of turtles into the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles, because “only ninja can fight ninja” or something like that.