I love monsoon season...

…mostly 'cause of all the storms and what the storms can make things look like.

There’s a storm a waysfrom us, and it gave a lovely orange hue to the nearby outdoors.

Anyone else like it when “nature changes color”?

Well, where I live we get two seasons in which the only difference from one to the other is the cloudiness. However, we do get lots of color changes in a daily basis. By sunset everything is yellow, orange or red. By nightfall everything turns blue. And sometimes in the cloudy season a cloud will come down forming a mist and everything will be white.

Also, sometimes clouds cover the whole sky and we have a bright white ceiling, which I love observing.

Norway has a tedency to remain the same colour year around: Grey, and rainy. Which only serves to make me happy, since I like the colour grey and rain.
We do of course get the colours of the seasons: White for winter, green for spring and summer, and orange and red for autumn, and the shift between the colours during the day: Sunrise, midday, sunset, evening, and night, but not much beyond that. Again it only serves to make me happy: I don’t like colours.

Norway is neat.

Oh I think it’s awesome when nature changes colour, like the sky being red and crazy orange clouds at sunsets, and stuff like that.

Yeah… Nothing beats a good sunset, or Aurora:

Loo at all the pretty colours!

The only natural colours, I can think of, that I like, are when the sun is almost set, but not quite there.

So it’s getting dark, but there is still a soft shade of blue in the air, if you know what I mean. I just wish, it’d last longer, than it does.

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[b]Yeah… Nothing beats a good sunset, or Aurora:

Loo at all the pretty colours! [/b]

I think that the phrase “frickin’ awesome” applies here.